‘Predator’ may be flawed, but fans aren’t left feeling alienated

Movie critics didn’t review “Alien vs. Predator” when it opened because advance screenings weren’t available.

Fortunately, a reader — a diehard fan of both “Alien” and “Predator” franchises — sent us his critique:


I just saw “Alien vs. Predator” and just wanted to share my humble opinion.

I am usually very apprehensive when a film isn’t screened for critics.

I love those guys. Their lyrical criticism is often times more entertaining than the actual films. I like to think critics man the watchtower and herald social apocalypse when a film comes along that insults our dignity and humanity. However, I am glad that critics didn’t have a hand in critiquing this film because it is not a film to be critical of….

“Alien vs. Predator” was obviously inspired, written, and directed by fans for fans to maintain the social fabric and stereotype we fans are so ridiculously proud of.

This film is chockfull of action, nuance, and atmosphere every “Alien” and “Predator” fan (often the same people) loves about these films…. Is the film flawless?… No.

It lacked major punch, providing cheap predictable scares to maintain the box-office friendly PG-13 rating, and quite literally posed a laughable maze of a storyline for characters to voice exposition on why this is happening to them and why they are fodder for these creatures.

Does this kill the film for me? Nah. I loved it. Why? That is an enigma left for the conscience of every person who loved this film. Fandom (read: Ignorance) is bliss.

— Lucas Diercouff


What should Pikes Peak International Raceway do for LeAnn Rimes fans?

It promised to be one of the biggest country concerts of the year. Two-time Grammy winner LeAnn Rimes was supposed to perform after the big Indy Racing League event Sunday.

But the concert was rained out.

The raceway offered no rainchecks or refunds.

PPIR spokesman Clark Curtis says the raceway hasn’t received complaints.

“The main event was the race,” Curtis says.

The way he sees it, the concert was just the icing on a substantial cake.

But let’s face it. A lot of people put up with the cake just for that sweet icing.

The Telluride Bluegrass Festival faced a similar problem a few years ago when folk singer Shawn Colvin canceled a headlining gig that was to cap four days of music.

Festival officials gave partial refunds to Colvin fans who requested it.

But this Rimes issue is stickier. For one thing, raceway ticket prices varied so widely, from $5 to $55. For another, most folks probably failed to save their tickets.

Obviously, raceway officials can’t control the weather. But is there something else they should do, or should have done, for Rimes fans?

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