Supplementary tables

Tables S1 and S4 deal with the nominal debt outstanding of the public sector and the national debt.

Table S2.4 Public sector finances: current receipts. First published in the August 1999 edition

Table S9 (no longer published) is a summary table showing the reconciliation of the financial accounts and the balance of payments accounts.

Table S13 Public sector transactions by subsector is intended to show the outturn figure corresponding to the estimated outturn in Table 4A.5 of the Financial Statement and Budget Report. Now published every month as tables 2.3C and 2.3D.

Table S21 Save as you earn (no longer published). Last published in May 1998 with annual figures for SAYE for National Savings and banks.

Table S23 (no longer published) is a summary table showing public expenditure, revenue and borrowing consistent with the data included in Chapters 2 to 5.

Table S24 Finances of general government ( no longer published but see new table S2.4) follows the presentation shown in Tables 4.6 and 4A.1 of the Financial Statement and Budget Report, July 1997. Table S29A Recinconciliation of General Government Net Cash Requirement with Net Borrowing (no longer published).

Table S29 Government Deficit and Debt under the Maastricht Treaty: Summary table.

Table S29B General government gross debt at nominal value Consolidated.

Table S30 Taxes paid by UK residents to general government and the European Union.

Table S31 General government expenditure (GGE)

S32 UK official transactions with Institutions of the EU

S9.2 Quoted ordinary shares Balance Sheets has been renumbered as table 12.1 P and is published every month as from January 2000.

Table S1.5C Central government surplus on current budget and new borrowing has been renumbered as table 1.5C as from February 2000.

Supplementary Information

Insurance companies, pension funds and trusts – Chapter 5 (Tables 5.1A to 5.3C but excluding Table 5.2B).

As from July 2002 edition of Financial Statistics ONS figures on insurance companies, pension funds and trusts have been relaunched following work on the sampling frame and population of the pension funds inquiries. The relaunched series represent the best estimates from the survey but, given the uncertainty of the register, they are less reliable than other series derived more conventionally by grouping sample estimates to register totals. The recent work re-examines and builds upon an earlier methodological review. More information is available from the following documents on the National Statistics website:

a technical note describing some of the methodological issues surrounding the Pension Funds surveys and the basis of the relaunched figures;

a report on the issues surrounding the withdrawal of Pension Funds statistics commissioned by the National Statistician and his response.

These documents can be found at

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