Preventing Taiwan independence PLA’s main task

Preventing Taiwan independence PLA’s main task

HONG KONG, Sept. 20 Kyodo

China’s military has designated prevention of Taiwan independence as its main task and arranged battle preparations among various units, a Beijing-backed newspaper in Hong Kong said Monday.

The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has mobilized its elite forces toward the southeastern coast while advanced fighter jets, bombers, submarines and missile units are being deployed and assembled in specified areas, Wen Wei Po quoted its sources as saying.

The sources reportedly said training of PLA troops has also been linked to combating Taiwan, with the focus on such goals as achieving superiority in the air and sea, they said.

Chinese political and military leaders have repeatedly threatened military action against Taiwan, which China views as a renegade province, if the island declares independence.

The paper quoted unnamed Chinese military experts as saying the PLA is more prepared than other countries realize for military action to prevent Taiwan independence.

Each level of command unit responsible for frontal attacks has a battle plan against Taiwan in accordance with a limited war, an all-out war, a blockade or a strike against the island, the experts reportedly said.

Arms production priority is geared toward a cross-sea battle, with the emphasis on missiles, submarines, warships, ship-based arms, transport for troops and fighter bombers, the experts said.

One expert said there must be a war if Taiwan President Lee Teng-hui and the island’s authorities continue to move toward independence, the paper said.

Lee angered China by saying July 9 that relations between China and Taiwan are “state-to-state.” China says such statements are intended to split Taiwan from China.

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