Do a Better Job And You Will Get Paid More

Do a Better Job And You Will Get Paid More

Janet, Bob

This Was Piece of Advice from my Father, No. 58

Randy Clark, my best friend at age 10, and I would be the first ones out to shovel sidewalks after a snowstorm. We would always head directly to Mr. Fox’s house because, while other homeowners would pay us a nickel or a dime, Mr. Fox always gave us $1 each.

One day at the end of a hard day of shoveling walks, I was counting my money when Dad arrived home. He asked me how the walk-shoveling business was, and 1 told him that if everyone paid us as much as Mr. Fox I would be rich. He asked me if I knew why Mr. Fox paid us a dollar while everyone else paid us a lot less. 1 did not know. He told me to go ask Mr. Fox.

The next morning, I knocked on Mr. Fox’s door and asked him why he paid us more than anyone else. He replied, “I give you each a dollar because you boys do a great job.” He told us the other boys did sloppy work and that we should not settle for less than a quarter for shoveling small walks and 50 cents to $1 for others.

The very next day it snowed again. After finishing Mr. Fox’s walk, we knocked on Mrs. Snyder’s door. I said to her, “We will shovel your walk for 50 cents each.” She replied, “I only pay the other boys a dime.” I shot back, “Yeah, but we do a much better job. Just ask Mr. Fox. We don’t miss any spots you might slip on.” From that day on, she paid us 50 cents. “Do a better job and you will get paid more.”

You have lots of competition; lots of businesses sell exactly what you sell. Some for more money and I am sure it seems most sell at lower prices than you do. That does not mean you cannot increase your sales and profits. All you have to do is do a better job. But do a better job in the eyes of the customers, not yours.

We all think we know what the customer wants. But only 20% – the top sales producers – really do. Become a top sales producer by selling the customers what they really want. The top sales producers do not sell products and services, they sell Benefits. The Benefits the customers receive from purchasing their products and services.

Customers are telling you…

Don’t sell me a mower, sell me a well-manicured lawn.

Don’t sell me insurance, sell me peace of mind and a secure future for my family.

Don’t sell me a computer, sell me the time saved.

Don’t sell me books, sell me knowledge.

Don’t sell me a house, sell me comfort and pride of ownership.

Don’t sell me clothes, sell me style, attractiveness, and a sharper image.

A short exercise that will increase your sales and profits:

Make a list of every feature your product and business offer.

Then, under each feature list the benefits the customer receives from that feature. Talking about the benefits is what will increase your sales and profits. Never mention a feature without talking about the benefit.

When I was in the appliance business I sold more extra large capacity washing machines than all of my competition put together, because when they talked about the machine they only mentioned the extra large capacity tub.

I talked about the time savings, water savings and detergent savings received by the owner from the extra large capacity tub.

Do a better job selling BENEFITS and your sales and profits will increase. Guaranteed!

Bob Janet is a sales consultant, trainer,speakerand author of “Join The Profit Club” and “You’re Not Lost Until You Are Out of Gas.” He combines 39 plus years as owner/operator of Professional, Retail, Manufacturing and Service businesses with his unique teaching and storytelling ability to motivate and give business professionals of all levels and all industries selling and marketing skills and techniques to increase sales and profits instantly and long term. Reach him at

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