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“I never would have tried to do it if I wasn’t into RC.”

I’m 16 years old and have been into RC since I was 14. I just got my first “real” car: a 1989 Honda Civic. It’s a beater. Before I could even drive it, I had to fix the brakes. When I took the car to Meineke, the guy wanted more for the brake job than I paid for the car! I decided to try and do it myself, even though I had never worked on a real car before. But I’ve built my own RC cars, so I figured “how different can it be?” It wasn’t exactly the same, but I could tell what I was looking at and installed new front brake pads by myself. I asked the mechanic at the local service station to check that I had done it right, and he looked at it for free. I learned that I should have “turned the rotors” because they were scratched up, but the work I did was good, and the car was safe to drive. I never would have tried to do it if I wasn’t into RC, and now I don’t have to ride the bus to school. I thought you would like that story. [email]

James Reid

You’re right, I do like that story! Don’t be surprised if your RC experience pops up to help you out from time to time, and not just under the hood of your Civic. Physics, math, art class … you never know where the lessons of RC will be applied.


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