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XTm racing sportsman reversing ESC

XTm racing sportsman reversing ESC


XTM Racing’s range of products is mostly nitro-flavored, with RTR trucks, Traxxas Maxx aluminum parts, engines and starter boxes as the stars of its line. But XTM also offers a pair of electronic speed controls: the Sportsman and Sportsman Reversing. Let’s check out the reversing model.


* Thermal overload protection. Overheat the Sportsman, and it will shut down

until it’s cool enough to operate safely.

* Push-button setup. No ESC can be considered “in the game” without this feature. Set up an ESC with tiny dials? How 1995!

* High-frequency operation. The Sportsman switches at 7812Hz; for a point of reference, consider that the first ESCs (and even a couple of current oldschool models) switch at 60Hz. Higher frequencies equal smoother throttle feel, cooler operation and greater efficiency.

* Reverse delay. If you enable this feature, the Sportsman Reversing will spare your car’s tranny from being abused by pausing before it switches into reverse. You can switch off the delay function if you like.

* Plug-in installation. If you’re replacing a mechanical speed control, a Tamiya plug and bullet motor connectors allow you to install the unit without tools. In case your kit motor isn’t already equipped with them, motor capacitors are included, and XTM’s instructions are thorough.


It took all of two minutes to pull the mechanical speed control out of a Tamiya XB Manta Ray (which you’ll see in RC Car Action soon) and replace it with the Sportsman. A few additional minutes were spent installing a hotter motor; since XTM claims the Sportsman can handle a 15-turn mod, that’s what went in.

With reverse delay activated, the Sportsman capably slowed down the 4WD Manta Ray and went into reverse after it had stopped. Throttle control was as smooth and reliable as that on any other ESC, and after running three packs through the Manta Ray over grass, dirt and pavement, the Sportsman’s heat sinks were only warm.


XTM Racing’s Sportsman Reversing ESC is an excellent upgrade for any mechanical speed control. It’s reliable, it seems durable, and it efficiently gives throttle control with good efficiency.

XTM Sportsman Reverse Street price-$50.

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