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Vortex 8A power supply

Vortex 8A power supply

Vortex’s original DC power supply was rated for 12 volts at 7 amps, and it won fans thanks to its compact size and low price. Vortex now offers an updated model that is rated for 8 amps and has a new, retro-look gold case and an internal cooling fan. The unit is fuse-protected against input and output overload, and it now includes jacks for the two supplied banana plugs and an AC power cord (instead of the uncommon output harness and integral AC plug of Vortex’s previous 7A power supply).

The Vortex power supply comes to life as soon as it’s plugged in, and it performed invisibly as it powered the LCD2oo discharger (also reviewed in this issue) and kept a Novak Millennium chugging throughout the Electric Pro Touring Car Shakedown-invisibly, but not quietly. The hair-dryer whir of the power supply can be distracting in the quiet of the workshop, but it disappears in the din of the racetrack.


Big deal; the fan is a little loud. It’s compact, costs less than $70, is easy to fit into your pit box, and you’ll still be able to afford it after you’ve bought that expensive DC-only pro charger. Of course, the most important thing is that it works; as long as your power needs don’t call for more than 8 amps, the Vortex power supply will have you covered.

Vortex 8A/12V power supply-part no. VTX2002.

Street price- $65.


Dimensions 1.75xl.63xl.25 in.

Weight 2.7 oz. (77g)

On resistance 0.010 ohm

Frequency 60Hz

Motor limit 23- to 27-turn stock

Input voltage 7.2 to 8.4 (6- or 7-cell pack)

Warranty 120 days



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