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Under the hood: Paul Coleman’s OFNA Dominator

Under the hood: Paul Coleman’s OFNA Dominator



DRIVER: Paul Coleman

AGE: 31


Pro-Line Maxx Challenge


O’Donnell, Airtronics and Nitro House WHEN I’M NOT RACING, I: spend time with my girlfriend Debra and go to baseball games with my Mugen friends. RC CAR ACTION: I hear you just came back from competing at the Hyper 7 Cup In Taiwan. How did you do at the race?

PAUL COLEMAN: Not so good. I qualified in second right behind Yuuichi Kanai, who was a special guest at the event. During the Main. Kanai, blew out his center Torsen and I blew a rear diff, so both of us got put out early in the race.

RCCA: That’s too bad. What was it like racing In Taiwan?

PC: Oh, man, it was so hot over there. I’m from Texas, so I’m used to the heat. but their weather was absolutely ridiculous. It was so humid that I had a tough time working on my car. It’s hard to hold a wrench when your hands won’t stop sweating! The track was huge; I mean, it was nearly twice the size of the Worlds track that was set up in Vegas. There were big cement jumps everywhere that were really rough on our cars. Overall, though, it was an interesting experience-to say the least.

RCCA: Tell me about your baseball roots. Which team did you play for, and when?

PC: I was drafted right out of high school. I was the numberone draft pick for the St. Louis Cardinals back in ’89. I was actually drafted ahead of Frank Thomas, John Olerud and Chuck Knoblauch. but unfortunately. I blew out my knee and then my elbow in the Triple A league before I ever really got my shot was on the Cardinals’ roster for two years in a row under manager Joe Torre, which was great, but I only got to play when a regular big-leaguer was hurt.

RCCA: How did you make the transition from baseball to working at OFNA?

PC: I’ve always dug RC cars. ever since I saw Ozzie Smith– the Cardinals’ Hall of Fame shortstop-piloting an electric offroad car around the baseball field during spring training. I asked him what it was, and he replied It’s a toy RC car.” Right then, I knew I had to get one. so I went to a hobby shop, walked up to the clerk and said, “I want an electric offroad RC car with the fastest motor you’ve got!” I’ve been hooked ever since! When I was thinking about moving to California, I thought it would be great to work in the RC Industry, I mentioned to Tim Long and Kris Moore of Mugen that I would need a job in California, and they said, “Come on down: we’re sure we can find something for you,” so I packed up my stuff and moved. Kris and Tim hooked me up with Tim Bump. who introduced me to Dave Morales. who owns OFNA. The rest Is history, I guess.

RCCA: How do you like your job at OFNA?

PC: This is a really good place to work. Let me tell you, despite all the RC companies out here, OFNA is climbing to the top. It’s a very relaxed atmosphere here, and that suits me perfectly, I took forward to coming into work-, Dave makes it that way. We all have a really good time around here, which actually makes it difficult to hire people. Whomever we hire has to get along with everyone: that’s priority one.

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