Tune up then boost up

Tune up then boost up

Gonzalez, George M

MIP’s* Stinger tuned pipes’ rear-exit design have made them very popular over the years-for good reason; they increase the performance and reliability of all .12-size engines while providing a satisfying scale appearance. The growing popularity of nitro-powered touring cars and racing trucks, however, means racers have been looking for a more conventional side pipe carrying the MIP logo. MIP has answered the call by releasing its new, 1/10-scale Side Pipe Kit. It includes the tunedpipe side-exit header and all the hardware. Three kits are available: the touring-car kit that fits most touring cars with either pull-start or nonpull-start engines; the off-road kit with pull-start that’s designed to fit those Associated RC10GTs, Team Losi GTXs and Traxxas Nitro Rustlers equipped with pull-start engines; and the off-road without pull-start kit, for, well, you know.

MIP has also released its new Boost Bottle and Rear Boost Chamber that are designed to fit the O.S. CV, CZ and all Dynamite and Thunder Tiger .12-size engines. According to MIP the Boost Bottle and Rear Boost Chamber will increase your engine’s bottom-end acceleration while making the power band more consistent. The Boost Bottle is a self-contained unit that captures the look of an NOS (nitrous oxide canister and can be mounted anywhere space permits around the engine; this makes the unit perfect for both pull-start and non-pull-start engines. The Rear Boost Chamber is actually bolted onto the back of the engine over the backplate and will work only with non-pull-start engines.

Some modification is required to install the Boost Bottle or Rear Boost Chamber, and the kit includes everything you’ll need to complete the job. Call your hobby shop or MIP for more information.

1/10-scale Side Pipe Kit

Part nos. and prices-3042 (touring car), 3043 (off-road with pullstart), and 3044 (off-road without pull-start), $47.50; 3057 (Boost Bottle), $29.95; 3058 (Rear Boost Chamber), $33.

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