Traxxas SportTraxx tires

THE STOCK CHEVRON TREADS THAT COME ON THE TRAXXAS MAXX TRUCKS ARE GREAT all-purpose tires, but they aren’t necessarily the best solution for the softer stuff. The new SportTraxx tires have an aggressive stud pattern with a directional, chiseled shape and are the first upgrade sneakers offered from Traxxas. They’re designed to provide maximum traction in the rear and optimum steering in the front. A large, embossed arrow on the sidewall indicates the correct mounting orientation on the rim.

During testing, the tires performed well on our sandy local track, and when the skies opened up, they had a marked traction advantage on the loose and damp track surface. The tires include soft-shaped foams and will fit any of the current Maxx truck rims. Traxxas SportTraxx Tires-item no. 3970r; $29/pair

Traxxas Corp. (888) 872-9972;

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