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Gonzales, George M

Q I read your review of the XRAY M18 microcar in the March issue and then bought one right away. I love this car, but I want to install a 6-cell battery pack on the chassis. Unfortunately, Serpent, XRAY’s U.S. distributor, doesn’t have the optional 6-cell chassis for it yet. You mention in your article that “… with some Shoe-Goo and a little imagination, you can easily install 6 cells on the stock chassis.” Can you explain how you did it? The car is plenty fast with 5 cells, but my buddy’s 6-cell-equipped Micro RS4 kicks my butt! Please help.

Jim Seki [email]

A You’ll need some Shoe-Goo and a rotary tool equipped with a sanding drum to install 6 cells in line on the left side of the chassis, as we did. First, remove the battery strap, battery-strap posts and battery holder from the chassis. (You won’t need these after you’ve glued the battery on the chassis.) Next, remove the motor mount. To make room for the battery, you’ll need to grind away approximately 2mm of material from the left side of the motor mount (the side that faces the left of the chassis). Don’t grind away too much, or you’ll damage the motor mount.

Last, install the battery pack. Generously apply Shoe-Goo to the battery pack, and place it flat on the left side of the chassis. You’ll have approximately five minutes to properly position the battery before the glue starts to dry. Then set the car aside and let the glue dry overnight.

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