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Short run time

Short run time

Skinner, Lawrence

I recently purchased a Tamiya F-150 4WD race truck. I built it with the stock bushings, an old Novak 410 M5 speed control and an old modified motor. I have two relatively new Piranha 1500 SCX 7.2V batteries and a 12- or 13-year-old Kyosho convertible quick charger. I only get 5 minutes of run time at the most. It seems as though I just get started, and then I have to change the battery again. Anyway, I am discouraged. Any recommendations on changing my setup or advice on how to get a longer run time? Thanks. [email]


I’m not sure which type of mod motor you use, but 5 minutes of run time from 1500mAh batteries sounds reasonable (especially for a io-year-old motor!). I compete in both on- and off-road mod classes, and my vehicles usually get a little more than 5 minutes of run time on 2400mAh battery packs! Granted, that’s 5 minutes of straight racing, but under recreational conditions, I might be able to squeeze 6 or even 7 minutes from the same batteries. If you want more run time, I suggest you pick up a competition stock motor. Today’s motors are much more efficient and provide higher levels of performance, so chances are, a new stocker might just outperform your old mod motor and provide long run times to boot.

You mentioned that you also have an old Kyosho charger. Is it properly charging your batteries? They should be slightly warm after the charging process. If they aren’t, the battery pack will need additional charging. If the charger has a timer, set it for an additional 5-minute charge, but monitor the battery temperature closely during the second charge cycle. The moment the battery pack becomes slightly warm, disconnect it from the charger. If your batteries don’t warm up after the second charge cycle, you might want to consider replacing your old battery charger.

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