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Nitro to Electric to Nitro

I’m 13 years old and have been in this hobby for about a year and a half. My first “hobby class” RC car was a Traxxas electric Rustler. I wanted more speed and power, so I sold the electric Rustler and purchased a nitro Rustler. I love the noise and the feel of it, but I just don’t have as much fun with it as I used to have with the electric version.

Some friends watched me run my car, and they each decided to ret one of their own. One bought an electric Rustler, and the other bought an RC-1013. I drove the B3, and now I want to sell my nitro Rustler and buy an RC10T3 or another electric Rustler (and, of course, hop it up!). I’d like a stadium truck that has a decent too speed but is also durable enough for some major air. I know the Rustler would need several modifications to get it as fast as a T3. What’s your opinion? [email]


I think you should take a took at the “2WD Sport Truck Shootout” in the March 2001 issue of RC Car Action and also read the DuraTrax Evader review in this issue for a complete look at all the 2WD electric sport-truck players. By the way, the only mods a Rustle should need to match your friend’s T3 in terms of speed is upgrade to the same motor, bat tery, and gear ratio as are in his truck.


My Science Project

I have always wanted to do a great science project for school, and this year, I thought of the perfect one. When the teacher told my class that we had to do a science project, I immediately thought about my T-Maxx.

I decided to build a ramp and launch my car off it at different angles. I am working on the project, and I’m pretty sure I’ll get an “A.” By the way, great mag. [email]


Camil, if you send me a copy of your science report with an “A” on it (from your teacher, wise guy), I’ll send you a set of XTM Racing T-Maxx wheels (just like the ones featured in “Product Watch” this month). As a matter of fact, I’ll send a really cool prize to the first io people who send in any RC-related school projects, and my buddy Chris Chianelli will feature them in “Chris’s Back Lot”! Here are the requirements: you have to get an “A” on your project, you have to be in grade 12 or lower, and you have to include a note from your teacher to prove your report was a genuine school assignment.


Rant Away

White looking through the results of the “ROAR Stock Nationals” in the September 2001 edition of RC Car Action, I noticed that out of 40 vehicles in four classes, only eight of them weren’t Losis! It seems as if Losi has taken over the competition! Don’t get me wrong; I wouldn’ mind owning a Losi, but my parents won’t allow me to purchase a second RC vehicle. Is there something I’m missing here? Are Losis really that great? It’s kind of like going to a NASCAR race and only seeing Chevys run-no competition. Even at the few tracks I’ve been to, Losi dominated! Maybe this will make some sense to you; if not, oh well. I’m just a 15-year-old who needs to rant.


“Are Losis really that great?” As you noted, 32 out of 40 ain’t bad. The real question is “What’s up with your parents?”


Associated Rules

Associated RUUULLLEEESSS!!!!! [email]


Thanks for that stirring counterpoint, Mark. -Pete

Garage-Sale Guy

I’ve been out of RC for about a year, but recently, I had a revival. Until two days ago, I had not been to a garage sale that had anything RC for sale, but that changed in a hurry. I hit the jackpot with a guy who was selling all of his older RC car stuff. I found an old RC10T (with red suspension parts), what looks to be an old, modified Associated pan car and a mint, gold-chassis RC10 with all of the white parts intact. Not io minutes later, at another garage sale, I found three Futaba radios along with a slew of different motors, receivers, speed controls and other parts; everything was about io years old. Total cost? About $130. Yes!

I have yet to test the truck or the buggy, but I have bolted a 15turn motor in the pan car. It was a rush to light up the foams and speed down the road with a vintage car. Now, if only I could find someone to race ….


Nice score. I bet both those garage-sale guys were into RC together!



When I want a rush, I don’t reach for cigarettes; I reach for my HPI.

I’m 28 and just got started in RC last year; before I did, I was a two-pack-a-day smoker. My girlfriend smoked, too, so we agreed to quit together. After quitting, I realized I had extra money in my wallet and that I was looking for a new hobby. My Mom is really into dollhouses and miniatures, and sometimes, I go with her to her favorite store (Dollhouses, Trains, and More in Novato, CA). On one of those trips, I wandered into the RC department and started looking around. I picked up a couple of issues of your magazine, talked with the guys who work there, and within two months, I was the proud owner of an HPI RSG Sport. Since then, I have acquired three more cars: a Tamiya Mini Cooper, an Associated RC10GT RTR and a Team Los! Triple-X Spec Buggy. I’m just starting to get into racing.

I wouldn’t have been able to monetarily sustain my newfound RC “addiction” along with a nicotine addiction, Now, whenever I want a rush I don’t reach for cigarettes; instead, I reach for my HPI and see just how far I can hold a power slide. Some people may never understand why I love RC so much and how I can lay down a couple hundred dol lays on a new car or radio equipment, bul I’d rather spend my money on an excitin[ hobby, than on a down payment for a bei in a convalescent home.


Congratulations on kici.ine a tough habit, Eric. I don’t want to take away anyone’s freedom to smoke, but if I can convince anyone to choose not to, III do it every time! Now, let’s talk prize: in just a little while, your GT nitro truck will be joined by an Associated RC10T3.


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