Readers’ rides

Send a sharp, uncluttered, well-exposed color photo of your car or truck (no Polaroids, please!), along with a brief description, to Readers Rides, R/C Car Action, 100 East Ridge, Ridgefield, CT 06877-4606. If we choose to feature your creation, you’ll receive a 6-month subscription to R/C Car Action, or an extension of your existing subscription. You’ll also be eligible to win a $500 gift certificate from Duratrax in the ninth annual “Readers Rides of the Year Contest” in the fall of 1999. In case we need to contact you, write your address and phone number on your letter and on the back of every photo you send. Good luck!

Graduation Gift

When Brandon Rials of Hazelcrest, IL, graduated from elementary school last year “with flying colors,” his parents rewarded him with his first R/C car. This Kyosho Pure Ten Mantis E.R has an HPI Porsche gii turbo body with Yokohama decals and an RPM Fatboy tailpipe. It also features a DuraTrax Spike ESC, Kyosho 54o racing motor, HPI racing wheels and Kawada tires. A Futaba Magnum Sport radio keeps everything under control. Brandon’s father helped him paint the body.

Double Trouble

This twosome was built by John Boyer of Homer City, PA. The larger truck (shown with and without the Parma Bigfoot body) is based on the Tamiya Clod Buster. John handmade the frame from 36 feet of 1/s-inch music wire. He designed the suspension system, handcut the cantilevers and special brackets, and also added limiting straps and swaybars. Other features include Associated shocks with Losi springs, a custom interior, Trinity Sapphire motors, a DuraTrax ball-bearing kit, a Novak 410 M1C speed control, Futaba Magnum Junior radio and receiver, Sanyo batteries, a Futaba S-g303 steering servo, Kimbrough servosaver and Litespeed connectors. As if that wasn’t enough, John also scratch-built the “Mini Monster.” He began with a BRP 1/18 scale truck body and built the gearbox using Tamiya Grasshopper gears. The suspension links are shortened versions of the Clods with shocks mounted directly on them. Other body parts include Associated short shocks with Losi springs, Associated steering blocks and HPI wheels with DuraTrax tires. Electronics are: Novak 610 HRC speed control, Futaba Magnum Junior radio and receiver, Futaba S-148 steering servo, Trinity Green Machine motor and 1/1s-scale BRP truck body painted by John. These are just two of John’s many custom creations. Keep up the good work!

Need a Tow?

Trucker George Bachelder of Oak Lawn, IL, custom-built this 38-inch-long King Hauler wrecker. The truck is fully functional for towing other R/C trucks. Among its features are three functional rear ends, a Tamiya tractor light set with backup alarm, one kit and one custom-made drive shaft and a Tamiya motorized support leg kit to operate the boom. George even modified a Slueth model-train smoke generator for functional smokestacks! Realistic sounds include engine start, idle with auto shutoff and acceleration with air brake when the truck decelerates. Among the electronics are a Futaba 4-channel radio and Novak 610 HRV speed control. Ten-four, good buddy!

Big Brother?

Greg Raciti of Mohegan Lake, NY, built this 1/10scale HPI RS4 Pro. It’s basically stock, except for the add-on belt tensioner and swaybars. A Trinity Midnight motor is under the hood, and a Futaba o024 PCM radio controls the car’s movements. Also on board are a Novak Hammer Pro ESC and Pro-Match 17oo batteries. Decals on both cars were made out of MonoKote using a Stika machine. Also shown is Greg’s l/rs-scale BRP Super Oval Outlaw, which is powered by a Trinity Slotworks motor. A DuraTrax Streak ESC, 4 and 6-cell AA Ni-Cd packs and a Futaba o024 PCM radio make up the electronics package. Greg says the HPI RS4 Pro has seen action at TARMAC roadcourse in Poughkeepsie, NY. He adds that these cars are an “awesome” and inexpensive way to get into a great hobby.

Four-Wheelin’ Fun

It took eight months to complete, but Kavel Jawrek of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, can now look with satisfaction at his homebuilt truck. The electronics are: Tekin Titan reverse speed control and double-fan cooling system, Pro stock Yokomo 21 single motors, Sanyo 2ooo battery 6-pack, two gV batteries for fans and lights, Futaba 3401 servo and 3PDF radio system, a Hitec 705 MG 1/4 scale for steering, Novak silicone-coated wires, Deans Ultra plug and RAm lights. Homebuilt features include a frame made mainly of 1/2 x 1/2-inch U-profile aluminum; a multi-link suspension system made of 1/4 -inch aluminum tubes with inner treaded rods and 4-40 adjustable ball links; and 2/16-inch steel-rod swaybars. Tamiya provided the gearbox and the Ford body. Looks as if this truck could make it up those mountain trails!

Three’s Company

These cars were created in Butler, PA, by Sean McKain. The Team Losi Double X ‘CR’ features a GM V-12 speed control, GM Purple Bull stock motor, graphite chassis and suspension arms, Phantom aluminum bulkhead and MIP Shiny CVDs. Control is courtesy of an Airtronics receiver, XL2P radio and 94257 servo. Chromtech USA chromed the Losi wheels for this car, which races at Xtreme R/C Raceway in Niles, OH. The other Losi is a Double XT ‘CR’ powered by a GM Purple Bull stock motor. Other gear includes a Novak Tempest ESC, titanium turnbuckles, Futaba radio and servo and RPM wheels. Sean’s third vehicle is a Yokomo YR4M-2, which also uses a Futaba servo and radio, and another GM Purple Bull stock motor is under the hood. Yokomo Inch-Up wheels and Pro-Line VRage tires complete the rolling stock, and the car is topped off with a Protoform Nissan Primera body. Sean’s dad painted all three bodies. Nice goin’!

Take Two

Kristoffer Klemm of Nittedal, Norway, sent us a photo of his latest work: this Schumacher SST 2000 ’98 powered by an LRP 17X2 modified motor with Sanyo 2000 batteries. An LRP ICS ESC and Hitec Ranger 11 radio system control the car. Kristoffer said he has learned a lot since he sent us a picture of his Nitro Storm 2000 a year ago. Looks like his hard work has paid off!

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