Radio Control Car Action

Radio Control Car Action car of the year 2002

Radio Control Car Action car of the year 2002

In last month’s “Readers’ Choice Awards” feature, we displayed your top favorites; this month, we-the editors-get our turn to vote for the Radio Control Car Action 2002 Car of the Year, and with so many significant cars having been released during the past year, it wasn’t easy.

We saw exciting new nitro and electric tourers from Team Losi, Associated and Kyosho, but in the end, we all arrived at the same conclusion: the big thing on the 2002 RC car scene is a small thing-HPI’s Micro RS4.


Why is the Micro R54 our top choice? For us, the Micro RS4 is special because it brings the “big RC” kit experience to a micro machine-right down to a clear body, pWD with front and rear differentials, and a truly tunable chassis. This micro car doesn’t rely on the novelty of its size for its appeal; it’s a sophisticated RC machine-one that we think could define Va-scale 4WD cars as the micro RC standard.


The Micro RSp is an incredibly sophisticated little touring car chassis. Out of the box, it handles well and can be tuned to run on a variety of surfaces, including asphalt and carpet.

Space obviously isn’t a problem; build a track on your driveway and race against your buds-no need to leave the yard. Install a few well-chosen hop-ups, and the Micro will surprise you with speeds that rival those of ‘/lo-scale sedans.


The Micro RS4 is one tough customer! We’ve seen Micro RS4s being run all day at car shows and RC exhibitions where hundreds of drivers, most of whom had never driven an RC car, took a turn behind the Micro’s wheel. Even after days of abuse, the cars kept running.


With a street price of under $100 for the kit, the Micro RS4 is a bargain, especially considering that it accepts electronics of standard size; you won’t have to track down a mini- or micro-servo. If you’d rather not swap radio gear from another car into your Micro, you can buy the ready-to-run version shown on these pages. For about $200, the RTR Micro RS4 arrives fully assembled with a painted body and an installed Airtronics-built HPI TX-i radio system, motor and MPI Micro ESC. After that, the only additional items you’ll need will be batteries and a charger. It’s hard to find a better RTR value.


The Micro RS4 kits and RTRs are available at most hobby shops, so finding spare parts and replacement bodies isn’t an issue. The Micros are supported by a huge number of aftermarket hop-ups and accessories by many manufacturers. You’ll find aluminum, graphite and titanium components, Micro-specific electronics and body and wheel options.



Don’t have time to build a Micro RS4? We’ve got good news, the Micro is now available factory assembled, complete with a reversible electronic speed control and a pre-painted body that’s already been stickered, trimmed and mounted. In just a few minutes you can be racing your buddies on your own garage-sized racetrack, all you need to do is glue on the tires and install the batteries! The Ready-to-Run (RTR) Micro RS4 uses the same high quality drivetrain as the kit version: four wheel drive for awesome traction on concrete, wood and linoleum, ball bearings for efficiency and speed, gear differentials, and scaled-down cantilever coil-over shocks for precise steering response and tuning ability. The RTR Micro RS4 comes with a new reversible Micro Pro Control electronic speed controller that requires no setup, just plug it in and start driving! The wild popularity of the Micro RSA means there is a huge variety of hop-up parts and optional body styles so you can customize it as much as you want. The RTR Micro RSA is available in hobby shops now, if you don’t have Micro yet or haven’t experienced the thrill of Micro-size racing, go get one now!

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