Radio Control Car Action



Pond, Steve

Q I bought a used modified motor from a friend who had raced it only for a few weeks. He didn’t like it, but I don’t race like him, so he sold it “for cheap.” I installed it in my car, and when I went into reverse, I heard a loud popping. When I checked the motor, I noticed this little black thing soldered to the motor and it had blown up. I don’t know what it was for, but it blew up when I put it in my car. I just hope I didn’t screw anything up. [email]

T. Soraci

Carlsbad, CA

A Don’t sweat it. You blew up the Schottky diode. I guess that your friend had a race car with a forward-only speed control (no reverse). Some electronic speed controls come with a Shottky diode that helps to enhance braking. Schottky diodes can’t take reverse voltage and will pop if installed on a motor that is powered by a speed control with reverse.

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