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Nitro Kooler fuel cooler bag

Nitro Kooler fuel cooler bag


NITROMETHANE DETERIORATES IN THE HEAT, and it doesn’t like sunlight, either. And did you know that cool fuel creates a denser charge in the combustion chamber, and that results in a more powerful piston– pounding bang when the glow-plug ignites the mix? Suddenly, putting your fuel bottle on ice in a little spacesuit makes a lot of sense. Trinity’s Nitro Kooler bags, shown here in the gallon jug size and also offered for metal-can gallons and quart bottles, is exactly the spacesuit your fuel needs. Included gel packs fit inside pockets within the Kooler to provide the frostiness, and the Kooler’s insulated vinyl jacket holds the cool in as it keeps sunlight out.

We don’t have cold-fuel versus hot-fuel dyno data to report, but the cool-fuel power theory is sound, and the Kooler bags really do prevent fuel from heating up in the sun. The Koolers fit snugly on the containers they’re designed for, and they took very factory.

One final safety note: resist the temptation to use the Kooler bags to keep trackside drinks cold. You might fill up your car’s fuel tank with Gatorade Fierce Grape, while somone else accidentally chugs your Monster Horsepower. That isn’t healthy-and it

wastes fuel!

Trinity Products Inc. (732) 635-1600;


Gallon jug RG8122, $20.

Gallon can RC8123, $20.

Quart bottle RC8124, $18.


Keeping feet cool makes sense, and the Koolers do it well.

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