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New touring-car body choices from Andy’s R/C products

New touring-car body choices from Andy’s R/C products

Gonzalez, George M

Andy’s 190mm Stratus has become the number-one-selling TC body in the U.S., and it won our ’99 Readers’ Choice Award for favorite body. A 200mm version of the Stratus called the Nitro Rocket is also becoming a popular choice with nitro TC racers. Company owner Andy Jacobsen announced that two new, high-performance TC bodies will be added to the Andy’s Lexan body line very soon; look for a BMW and, possibly, a Volvo from Andy’s in the near future. Of course, both bodies will feature Andy’s wind-manipulating designs that offer maximum performance. To make painting and detailing a little easier, Andy’s bodies will also soon include decals for front grillwork, front and rear illumination and window masks.

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