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Meet the van man

Meet the van man

Chianelli, Chris

Frequent readers of “Back Lot” already know my feelings about sheep. Not the animals; I have nothing but respect for the creatures that are so willing (and dumb enough) to give up their wool so I can have an itchy sweater. I’m talking about people who are sheep-you know, followers. Conformists. Those who are too afraid to do their own thing and be true to themselves. I’ve said it before: life is too short to be a sheep.

So, I gotta give props to my man Skyler, who definitely does his own thing, whether it’s with his full-size vans (check them out at or the–barely–smaller RC versions. Madness Machine junior is a model of the full-size custom 4WD off-road Madness Machine Skyler built by hand and then totaled during an eventful off-road excursion (the website has the details). The “little” van is definitely an original, and so is Skyler. No matter what you say about his creation, you can’t say you’ve seen anything like it before!

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