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lot’s net monster, The

lot’s net monster, The

Chianelli, Chris


Dear Chris–Oh, great Luna worshipper, tell me if you can relate. Top 10 things that suck:

1. Areas that don’t have just ONE, 1, uno. un, JUST ONE PLACE TO RACE!!!

2. When you buy a brand-new Losi XX ‘CR,’ and you bust a

brace on the first day.

3. When you’re sprayin’ your new Lexan body outside (cuz yer parents have this stupid problem with fumes) and a gust of air comes along and covers your first coat with dust and leaves.

4. When you ditch your new RC12LS down a drain and have to crawl into the smelly sewer to retrieve it then you find out the sewer water fried your speed control. Have you ever seen a speed control bum?-I mean flames and all)

5. Coaxial cable (the screw-on kind).

6. People who cut on your car

7. The fact that the Shelby Cobra is not produced anymore.

8. E-clips.

9. Finding out the day after you bought the Novak Hammer Pro that the Tempest is out on the market (growl).

10. When your subscription to the world’s best freakin’ magazine runs out [Dogbone! Your subscription to MAD magazine ran out? That sucks!]

Sorry for dumping on you like that, but well, you’re probably the only one who understands.

-Devoted to the “Back Lot” – Scott (Dogbone) Price

Yea, Scott,

I can relate, especially to the painting outside nonsense; my driveway is the town hotspot for those tiny tornadoes of dust and leaves. Yea, Dogbone, these things can suck. But, on the other hand, in the grand scheme of world suffering, it ain’t no big thing.

Here are a few cool things:

Friends you can build your own track with.

Having something to do on a rainy day, like fixing your car. (Join the club, man; sooner or later, all cars break something.)

Today, you can build a full-scale Cobra that’s actually superior to the original.

Having a dog, like Luna, that knows how you feel when you screwed up your paint job. -CC

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