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Vogel, Greg

It’s always good to see what the pro’s do and what they use; they are, after all, pro’s! Sensible use of their expertise and kit choices can enable both newbies and veterans to improve their own setups. I think it is important, however, to be solid in your own choices of what works for you. Always keep an open mind and one eye on the Latest issue of RC Car Action!

Jerry Stockley-Young

I buy whatever the pro’s use. Alas, I can’t pay rent. Jon Moore

I consider the setups the pro’s use, but in the end, I use what works for my driving style. I like to see what the pro’s are doing, as it helps me understand the characteristics of the car. Sometimes I notice trends in setups after I’ve looked at several of them. This helps me more than following a specific setup.

Todd Shreve

I run what works for me. What works in a national race, doesn’t necessarily work at my local track, nor does their setup always transfer to the club level. I start with the setup recommended in the manual and experiment from there. Luckily, we have some experienced and helpful drivers, and we all share information.

John Hauser

They influence me, but they don’t fully dictate my setups. I understand that my preferences are different from some of the pro’s, so I still use much of what works for me, and if something new comes up, I’ll try it to see whether it will help me.

Bob Seay

I’m not usually influenced by the pro’s; I usually use what is in my price range and what I can get parts support for. But if I can’t decide which one of the two or three parts is for me, I look at what the racers are running for feedback and advice. Mostly, I look to RC Car Action’s reviews, though; they are the most helpful. You guys give us all the information we need.

Michael Vulgaris

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Nitro or electric; which do you prefer to race, and why?

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