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Landmax gear trouble

Landmax gear trouble

Buono, Derek

Since replacing my Kyosho Landmax’s stock clutch with a heavy-duty clutch, I have been having problems; the spur gear strips very quickly. I’m using about a half a tank of gas before I strip the gear. I have taken it to my local hobby shop, and they say the gear mesh is fine, but I noticed the engine flexes when I apply the throttle. What gives? [email]


The Landmax uses a plastic spur gear that must mesh perfectly with the clutch bell to ensure its longevity. But even when the gear mesh has been set perfectly, the combination of a heavy 1/8-scale chassis, a powerful .21 engine and the heavy-duty clutch means that a plastic gear really doesn’t stand a chance of surviving for extended periods. It should, however, last longer than half a tank’s worth of running, and that brings me to your “engine flex” problem. I’m certain that your throttle endpoints are set improperly, and the throttle servo is actually twisting the chassis as it tries to pull the engine off its mounts. This opens up the clutch bell/spur-gear mesh at full throttle (exactly when you need perfect mesh), and before you know it, that spur gear is stripping like a nudist in July.

First things first: set the endpoint adjustments on the radio so you can go from full throttle to full brake without tweaking the engine and altering the gear mesh. If your radio doesn’t have endpoint adjustments, get some Du-Bro spring hardware to allow the linkage to extend past the stop on the carb (your local shop can help you set it up). Your next plastic gear will last much longer, but I suggest you stop buying them and spring for Kyosho’s hardened-steel spur gear instead. It’s more expensive compared with one plastic gear, but it will outlast io plastic ones, so you’ll actually save money. Also, if you don’t already have the hardened clutch bell, I would put one of those on your list of must-haves, too. The steel-on-steel combo will give you maximum longevity.

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