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KO Propo Battery Checker

KO Propo Battery Checker

If you’re as into nitro racing as I am, you’re going to love KO Propo’s* new, onboard Battery Checker. The Battery Checker is a small, lightweight battery meter that you install on your vehicle’s chassis to monitor the voltage level of the onboard receiver battery pack. The Battery Checker features seven LEDs (in three colors) that are brightly lit so the meter can be viewed from a distance, As the voltage drops in the battery pack, the LEDs turn off one by one, and this makes monitoring your battery pack’s condition a foolproof task. Installing a Battery Checker in your vehicle will actually make the onboard battery pack last longer because it won’t be charged unnecessarily, which can cause cell memory problems. Both 4.8V (4-cell) and 6V (5-cell) models are available, and the unit is designed for rechargeable Ni-Cd and NNH battery packs only.

Battery Checker (4.8/6V)-part nos. 73301/73302.

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