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THIS IS QUITE LITERALLY!) HUGE NEWS! Traxxas has a long history in RIC trucks but has never tackled the full-on 4WD monster-truck arena-until now. The new, and as yet unnamed, truck borrows nothing from the established mega-monsters of R/C trucking, those being Tamiya’s Juggernaut and Clod Buster and Kyosho’s USA-1. The new Traxxas machine isn’t even electric powered; hello nitro! The gas powerplant la TRX .15) sends power to the 4WD system via a 2-speed tranny-with reverse! A separate servo operated by a third channel shifts the truck. Get this: the 2-speed works in forward and reverse, and the truck can reportedly top 30mph! That’s fast, particularly for a big truck. Other atypical features include fully independent, double A-arm suspension damped by eight, oil-filled shocks, a completely sealed drive train, a Lexan body, and tons more.

We can’t wait to test the real thing; the truck shown here is a preproduction tester, as evidenced by the one-color paint and white parts. Even in rough prototype form, it looks awesome!

Traxxas Corp., 12150 Shiloh Rd., #120, Dallas, TX 75228; (9721 6133300; fax 1972) 613-3599; website:

Add this stuff to your Kinwald file: first up, the TK3077 “fake” transponder. Don’t wait until the first qualifier to see how the transponders heft will affect your car’s handling! Drop in this blueanodized dummy unit and practice with the same setup as you race with. Makes sense-right?

Next, dress up (and beef up) your Team Losi Double-X series buggy with Kinwald machined rear hub carriers. They’re available in pairs with 1 degree or 11 2 degrees of toe-in (part nos. TK3500 and TK3501, respectively), and they’re clearly labeled “left” and “right” for no-brain installation.

The Team Kinwald tie-rod wrench (TK3086) will speed your car off the bench; the big feature here is its extra length, which gives you more torque and is simply easier to handle than shorty wrenches. It also fits a lot better than stamped tools, and hev it’s blue.

And finally, we have this interesting vertical-fin “Power Punk” engine heat sink. Horizontal fins are de rigeur for R/C engines, but that doesn’t mean they’re the best. After all, the best air-cooled 2 stroke engines in the world used vertical fins. Do you remember any early ’80s motocross bikes (the days before water cooling came on strong) that had heat-sink heads with the horizontal Saturn-ring fins we see on model engines? I thought not.

Trinity Products Inc., 36 Meridian Rd., Edison, NJ 08820;1600; fax (732) 635-1600; fax (732) 635-1640; website:

Hobby-Tech’s sticky situation

Anybody out there trying to design the ultimate tire-gluing tool? You can step away from the drawing board: Hobby-Tech has beaten you to the punch. The new Hands Free Tire Glue features a clamping bead puller that opens a nice, even gap between the tire and rim of any touring-car tire/wheel combo to make for easy, no-mess gluing. An adapter ring is included for gluing up mini tires and wheels-cool. The tool really works, and with those Day-Glo colors, you’ll never misplace it!

Speaking of gluing wheels and tires, Hobby-Tech has added some new mini treads and hoops to its scalelooking lineup. The Bondurant and AR-767 wheels will fit any mini with a 12mm hex hub (that’s every mini, I think), and they’re the perfect touch for a custom street look or NASCAR flavor. No offense to our brilliant staff photog Walter, but you really gotta see these wheels up close and personal to see the fine detail and superb finish. The Goodyear slicks are the perfect finishing touch to the new wheels and are also available in standard sedan size.

Hobby-Tech, 1139 Coiner Ct., City of Industry, CA 91748; (888) 722-7101; fax (888) 843-0707; website:


According to Trinity, Comm Drops 2 blows away the orginal formula. These drops increase rpm in both stock and modified motors. Just a drop or two before each run will increase power, Blended specifically to work with the latest generation of higher-silver-content motor bushes.

Trinity Products Inc., 36 Meridian Rd., Edison, NJ 00; (732 635-1600; fax (732) 635-1640; website:

DuraTrax Maximum BX

As you may or may not already know, DuraTrax’s Maximum ST truck won our ready-to-run shootout in this issue. The truck represents a fantastic combination of value and perfomance right out of the box. It really is a great truck, and I’m glad to see DuraTrax has expanded the concept to include this new buggy.

Like the ST, the BX buggy takes the tenn “ready to mn” to the limit The body is painted and the Hitec radio is installed. Even the “AA” batteries are included! In short you can experience the exciting world of nitro almost immediately after removing the buggy from the box. The same Torq .12 glow engine as perfonned so well in the truck is installed in the BX Some of the features in this engine are: heat-sink head; heavy-duty ball bearings; and-4 really like this one–twin_le valve carburetor. Other features of the BX are: aluminum ‘Rigi-Frame; ball-bearing tranny; “Fite” disk brake; -ControlTech’ slipper clutch; adjustable tumbuckles; oil-filled, coil-over shocks; and free, step-by-step video on operation and tuning of the Torq .12 engine.

The DuraTrax guys did it right I wonder if a Maximum Sedan is in the works? I hope so.

Great Planes Model Distributors, 2904 Research Rd., P.O. Box 9021, Champaign, IL 61826-9021; (800) 682-8948; fax (217) 398-0008

More MRC vehicles go RTR

The little MRC SP3 Extreme on-roader and giant-size, all-terrain Thunder King couldn’t be further apart in terms of size and mission, but they’re equally easy to get running now that MRC is offering them as ready-torun machines, right down to installed radios and painted bodies. The kits (can ya really call ’em “kits”?) even include chargers and batteries. The Extreme gets a standard 7.2V pack while the Thunder King gets MRC’s heavy-duty “juice box”an 8-cell Ni-Cd pack that delivers the high-voltage wallop you need to motivate the big, dual-motor rig.

Model Rectifier Corp. (MRC), 80 Newfield Ave., Edison, NJ 08818–6312; (732) 225-636o; fax (732) 225-6360; fax (732) 225-0091; website:


Peter Vieira only just reviewed the OB-4 in this issue, yet OFNA Racing already offers optional parts for the mid-motor hot-rod.

The clear Lexan shocks (part no. 3go) have great eye appeal and feel smooth, as tested by a hand squeeze. Purple-anodized motor mounts (39305) are offered to beef up the drive train and improve motor cooling, and they add a distinctive Byzantine look (I knew that art history class would pay off …). The 39309 finned heat sink (on top of the arched motor mount) increases cooling even further, and the ringed motor-mount posts (393o6) replace the kit’s stock standoffs for the total purple package.

OFNA Racing, 22692 Granite Way, Ste. B, Laguna Hills, CA 92653; (949) 586-2910; fax (949) 586-8812.


As many of you know, Quad Man and I are on first-name terms. I have him over for dinner all the time. Well, he let me take a peek at the new electric version of his machine. He rides this one after midnight so as not to disturb the neighbors. Those close to Quad man know he is a very considerate human being, to say the least.

Just like Quad man’s nitro machine, the Quad Rider EV is 80 percent built and features: a mabuchi 450 motor; three, long-stroke, oil-filled shocks; front double-wishbone and rear swing-arm suspension; ball diff; and fiberresin chassis with cubic-frame structure for light weight and rigidity.

So, if you happen to smell the distinctive odor given off by arcing commutators at 3:30 in the morning, just roll over and go back to sleep. It’s just Quad Man and me taking a jump over your mom’s tiger lily patch.

Wedico Americana

Wedico, the German maker of those awesome 1/is-scale trucks, is introducing the first in a series of new American semi-trailers with this 31-inch log hauler. Modeled after the type used by the pulp mills in the Southeast, this trailer has four cradles capable of carrying full-length logs or two bundles of shorter logs. The trailer kit is of all-aluminum construction with leaf-spring suspension. It is fully compatible with Wedico lighting systems and features a black, powder-coat finish.

Precision Model Distributors Inc., 205 Barnhill Rd., Ladson, SC 29456; (843) 8755454; fax (843) 875-5465.

New Era Jug Mods

New Era Models has applied its expertise in custom metalwork to bring you these heavy-duty upgrades for Tamiya’s Juggernaut. They are: a four-link suspension kit that indudes eight rods and heavy-duty rod ends with hardware; heavy-duty steering kit, including rods and play-eliminating special nylon ball links; and heavy-duty anodized shocks with optional anodized reservoir kit.

New Era Models, P.O. Box 7378, Nashua, NH 03060; 603) 8884453.

NITRO RS4^sub 2^


Introducing the second generation Nitro RS4 kits, designed with improved materials, stronger components, more adjustability, and yes, faster speed! Like the RS4 Pro 2, Nitro RS4 owners let us know what they wanted to see, so we incorporated many of those suggestions into what has become the Nitro RS4 2. The result is a car that is easier to drive and loaded with hop-up parts that make it faster and easier to maintain. The big news is that we incorporated our new “equal length” suspension for improved handling, especially during onthrottle and off-throttle transitions. And, a full set of ball bearings and a stiff purple anodized countersunk chassis are now standard equipment.

The Nitro RS4 2 comes with our powerful Nitro Star 1 5FE engine. The 1 5FE delivers great power, and is one of the easiest to use and tune engines available. If you’ve never experienced the power and sound of nitro R/C racing, the 1 SFE is the perfect choice. One simple tuning adjustment and a built-in recoil starter makes the transition to nitro as easy as it gets.

For looks, two of our favorite bodies ever will be offered on the Nitro RS4 2. The hot new Porsche 911 GT3 and the popular Lamborghini Diablo. Each body includes window masking, huge decals, high downforce wings and complete instructions on how to make them look great.

If you’re ready for nitro power, you gotta get one of the exciting new HPI Nitro RS. 2 kits!

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