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The latest Lexan to come from the imagination of certified car nut (and Protoform head honcho) Dale Epp is this stunning Camaro. It’s designed to fit all the popular funny car kits (Lockman, Dragmaster and Bolink) or any scratch-built chassis with a 13- to 14-inch wheelbase. The Camaro shows all the latest trends seen on the strips-from the carbon injectors to the huge rear spoiler. A sticker sheet, window masks and a separate spoiler/spill-plate kit with hardware are included.

The funny cars tend to steal the show (especially with that paint-Oakley car by Brian Chudy, Nitro Fish by Brandon Gould), but the Camaro shells aren’t all that’s new this month from P’form. The Volvo S60 is the latest 190mm body, and it includes an add-on wing, wing-mounting hardware as well as window masks and detail stickers. For gas guys, the popular Chrysler 300M is now available in a fattie 200mm size to cover all nitro tourers, and it includes the same decal, mask, wing and hardware package as the Volvo.

Protoform; distributed by Pro-Line, P.O. Box 456, Beaumont, CA 92223; (909) 849-9781; fax (909) 849-2968;






Trinity is currently developing electric and nitro touring platforms to be dubbed the Reflex T and Reflex NT Jim Dieter-Trinity’s motor man, accomplished designer and skilled racer in his own right-is said to be the primary architect of the project (you may remember Trinity used the Reflex name for a Jim Dieter-designed dirt oval car back in the day). When we get more information on the cars’ details, we’ll be sure to share it. FYI, Trinity has confirmed that the nitro-powered Reflex will be the first to hit the shelves.

Trinity Products Inc., 36 Meridian Rd., Edison, NJ 08820; (732) 635-1600; fax (732) 635-1640; www.teamtrinity,com.



MIKE REEDY HAS MORE IFMAR world-championship victories than he can count on his fingers and toes (unless he sprouts two extra toes), but the latest Reedy powerplants aren’t for racing-at least, not IFMAR-style. Nope, Mike turned his attention to the red-hot Traxxas E– Maxx with his new .07-size BaddMaxx line, which includes Mild (19-turn) and Wild (15-turn) winds. Factory-installed bullet connectors and capacitors make installation a simple screwdriver job, and open endbells permit easy brush changes.

Reedy Modifieds/Team

Associated, 3585 Cadillac Ave., Costa Mesa, CA 92626; (714) 850-9342;




Ever tried to tune your nitro car or truck’s engine while simultaneously holding it off the ground and operating the transmitter? That’s one task too many for the average two-handed human bean, and that’s why I’m into both of these setups. The Hardcore Racing T-Maxx stand clamps your T-Maxx into a sturdy aluminum frame so you can fire it up and hit the gas without wiping out your workbench. There are slots for your tools, and a padded handle makes it easy to carry your clipped-in T-Maxx to trackside.

The Extreme Engineering Tune N’ Tote uses a set of ball– bearing rollers to keep your car or truck in place (the rollers are adjustable) while still allowing you to blip the throttle. A large drawer provides plenty of tool space, and a handle lets you carry it around (hence the “tote”).

Hardcore Racing Components. 25435 Rye Canyon Rd., Valencia. CA 91355; (661) 294-5032;

Extreme Engineering, 28874 State Hwy 34, Detroit Lakes. MN 56501; (218) 847-5813; fax (218) 847-8786;





Anyone who races RC dreams about getting behind the wheel of a fullsize racecar-except Pro-Line’s toptire-design-dog Tim Clark. Tim doesn’t need to dream it because he does it! That’s Tim with his Super Late Model-the 3,200pound, tube-chassis, 43ohp, Chevy small-block-powered racing machine he pilots around Irwindale Motor Speedway’s 1/2-mile course. According to Tim, the ioo-lap main events average 93mph, with top speeds in excess of 120mph. On Tim’s first night out, he finished 19 out of 45; in his second race, he moved all the way up to 11 out of 40; and in the third race … well, Tim says his day ended early due to an “altercation” with another car (nice euphemism!). By the time you read this, Tim and his Pro-Line/Protoform/Jaco ride will be back in action-and probably winning, judging by the way Tim has been progressing. PANTHER


In addition to a full selection of tires for the Traxxas Maxx trucks, Panther now has race rubber for 1/10-scale trucks and buggies. Pictured from left to right are the Burner stick (my personal favorite), Stinger micro-pin, MicroRib front tire and Switch designs for all 2.2 truck rims. The Tiger micro-step-pin and Cheetah rear tires fit all 2.2 rear buggy rims, and the Lynx tires are Panthers ribbed buggy fronts. All of the tires are sold without foam inserts, so you can choose what works best for the conditions at hand.

Panther Products Inc., 4323 E. Michigan St., Indianapolis, IN 46201; (866) 700-TIRE;

RPM Bares its Clawz



The Monster Clawz custom wheel design has been a popular item for RPM and all owners of trucks with 2.2 tires, but the Maxx guys were left out– until now. The Monster Clawz rims for Maxx trucks are available in three colors (chrome, purple chrome and blue chrome), and in two versions: standard offset, which duplicates the stock Maxx wheel configuration, and RPM’s unique StableMaxx offset, which adds 1.2 inches to the width of your Maxx for superior stability. You also get the usual RPM wheel features: flawless plating, tough construction and prestripped tire-bonding areas.

RPM Inc., 14978 Sierra Bonita Ln., Chino,

CA 91710;


Team Orion owner Philippe Neidhart tells us he has joined forces with JB Foam to offer what they feel are the best tire inserts available: “Mr. Bendiksen, designer of the famous JB Foams, will continue to develop and test touring-car inserts. His great experience in foam inserts’ development and special manufacturing process have allowed JB Foams to be accepted worldwide as the best insert available for touring car racing tires.” The new inserts will be available in the USA through Team Orion under the name “Team Orion/JB Foams.”

Team Orion Inc., 22601 La Palma, Ste. 103, Yorba Linda, CA 92877; (714) 694-2812;

fax (714) 694-2815;

Snow Job!

Nitro Elements ArtAttack

After talking with the guys at Nitro Elements, all we can say about their forthcoming ArtAttack RC snowmobile is “Wow!”The sled is designed and built entirely in the USA, and it’s the real deal-all of the ArtAttacks components are purpose-built for snowmobile duty, and its full of features.

Check it out:

* Independent front suspension with oil-damped coil-over shocks.

* Suspended, floating track system with internal gear drive.

* Quarter scale-about 2 feet long and I foot wide.

* Injection-molded cowl with scoop-induction system; requires no trimming.

* Designed to accept electric power or a .21 engine (bump– start or pull-start).

* Includes extra-large custom flywheel engineered specifically for the ArtAttack.

According to Nitro Elements, the sled will be sold as an unassembled kit minus engine and electronics, and for yearround use, inline-skate-style wheels will be available as an option to replace the front skis.There are also plans for a rider figure.

We’re trying to scam photos of the ArtAttack, but in the meantime, this computer drawing will have to do; we hope to have a picture in time for the next “Scoop.” Contact Nitro Elements for more information-you can even pre-order one, if you need to be the first guy on the block to get an RC nitro snowmobile.

Nitro Elements; (716) 328-1356;

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