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Hot mod how to

Hot mod how to

Vogel, Greg

We nabbed this “how to” from Regan LeBlanc, Richard Saxton’s mechanic. He explained that the new GT chassis offers very little protection for the receiver because it does not have the protective “wall” that the old tub chassis had. Regan came up with a quick, easy and effective way to protect the GTs receiver from impacts.

* STEP 1. Cut your receiver-guard material to approximately 4.5×1.25 inches. We used a piece of Kydex bumper material from Parma; an old chassis is another good source of scrap material.

* STEP 2. Remove the throttle servo but leave its mounts on the chassis. Hold the plate up to the two bosses that protrude from the throttle-servo mounts, and trace around the bosses with a marker.

STEP 3. Make a hole in the center of each tracing with a 3/32 drill bit.

* STEP 4. Using two short 4-40 screws, screw the plate to the servo posts.

Now if you crash into the boards or get T-boned by another driver, the receiver will be less likely to sustain damage. Oh, yeah; the new plate also makes a great decal billboard.

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