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Pond, Steve

Titan Tech* recently introduced a couple of new components for the RC10GT; they take care of what is considered to be the kit’s only weak link: the chassis. Under heavy loads, the chassis flexes in the engine area. This is the result of the cutouts that allow clearance for the engine and the exhaust system. There have been other attempts to cure this, but it seems that Titan’s approach is the most successful one.

The company has released a beautifully machined, one-piece aluminum engine mount/chassis brace to replace the stock, two-piece engine mount. The new part spans the gap between the transmission and the fuel tank, and reinforcing braces shore up this weak chassis area. The engine mount/chassis brace’s size might lead you to believe that it weighs considerably more than it actually does; it’s surprisingly light. The stock mounts weigh in at 1.1 ounces, and the Titan Tech piece weighs 1.7 ounces.

To install this new unit, you’ll have to drill two holes in the chassis, so to complete the job, you’ll need a drill bit and a countersink. Even if you install it without drilling the two holes, this brace will do more for chassis rigidity than anything previously available, but for the best results, I recommend that you go all the way. The second Titan hop-up for the RC10GT is a new upper transmission brace. It spans the same four holes as the stock brace, plus the two holes where the disk-brake assembly is attached to the tranny

Use Titan Tech’s engine mount/chassis brace with the transmission brace, and you’ll virtually eliminate chassis flexing! If you don’t mind shelling out some more Benjamins to improve your GT, i highly recommend these two new parts.

Part nos. and prices

Engine mount/chassis brace-part no. 01200, $35. Transmission brace-oi5oo, $20.

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