Electric on-road cars & trucks




TC3 Team/Factory Team Touring Car

Associated’s TC3 features a super-efficient shaft drive system, graphite chassis components, blue aluminum threaded shocks, anti-roll bars, new blue aluminum battery brace, blue MIP CVD’s and blue titanium turnbuckles. RC Car Action “Car of the Year” in 2001, the Factory Team TC3 also features lightweight molded outdrives, clip-on blue radial heat sink, adjustable suspension droop, a blue aluminum counterfeit practice transponder and more than $300 worth of Factory Team hop-up components! The new updated TC3 Team kit also features sealed ball bearings, blue titanium turnbuckles, adjustable suspension droop, lightweight molded outdrives and more.

Part no. 3035 (Factory Team Kit); 3030 (Team Kit) $499.95; $369

TC3 Touring Racer Kits

The TC3 features a super-efficient shaft drive system, ATAC perfect-Ackerman steering and quadrasymmetric suspension designs, a fully-adjustable quick-change motor mount, Gleason-system barrel-cut bevel gears and race-proven Stealth differentials with lightweight molded outdrives. All drive train and electrical components are mounted on or below the molded composite chassis level for the lowest possible CG. The TC3 will accept stick, saddle, or side-by-side assembled battery packs. TC3 Racer kits include sealed ball bearings and your choice of several Pro-Line bodies.

Part no. 3010 (Honda Accord); 3011 (Dodge Stratus); 3012 (Alfa Romeo); 3014 (Mercedes DTM); 3015 (Chrysler 300M)


TC3 Touring Ready-to-Run

The TC3 is now available ready-to-run, painted and assembled with 2-channel radio, genuine LRP electronic speed control with reverse and powerful 19-turn motor installed! Drive train and electrical components are mounted on or below the molded composite chassis level for the lowest possible CG. The TC3 features an efficient shaft drive; ATAC perfect-Ackerman steering and quadrasymmetric suspension; and a fully– adjustable quick-change motor mount. The TC3 RTR will accept stick, saddle, or side-by-side assembled battery packs. TC3 RTR kits include sealed ball bearings and your choice of two different factory color schemes!

Part no. 3040



GX-1 Electric Touring Car

CEN Racing 4WD GX-1 delivers high-speed electric street racing. Features include an ultra-efficient one– belt design to increase run time and top speed. These cars come RTR with painted and decaled bodies to get you on the track quicker. They also include the Mirage II pistol-grip radio that uses CEN Racing’s exclusive auto cut-off power-saving system. Full line of upgrade parts is available. Electronic speed controller is included.

Part no. 9101



Dash Kit

Painted, assembled and ready to go with radio, battery and charger included, the all-new HPI Dash is the perfect kit for RC newcomers and young children. With three available frequencies, it’s easy to organize races among family members. The Dash is also tough; it can handle rough-and-tumble driving! It’s the perfect gift for holidays and birthdays.

Part no. 951 (Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R); 952 (Lamborghini Diablo GTR); 953 (Porsche 911 Turbo)

$169 RS4 Pro 3

An impressive array of standard features makes the RS4 Pro 3 one of the most tunable and versatile cars available fight now. From the unique centered battery and motor mounts to extra-long arms and suspension links, the Pro 3 says “performance. Standard features such as threaded shocks, adjustable wheelbase, MIP shiny CVDs and much more let your competitors know this car means business.

Part no. 178


RS4 Sport 2

Based on the proven racing geometry and easy-to-tune RS4 Pro 2, the RS4 Sport 2 is the ideal sport-level parking-lot machine! Using fiberglass and standard nylon, the Sport 2 is much cheaper than the Pro 2, but it retains the ball bearings, suspension geometry and innovative features of its bigger brother. Maintenance– free gear diffs, plastic oil-filled shocks and 4WD make the Sport 2 so easy to drive, it has been given top ratings in many RC magazines!

Part no. 263 (Dodge Stratus); 264 (Toyota Altezza); 265 (Porsche 911 Turbo); 266 (Honda Civic Coupe Si)



KX-One 4WD Touring Car

The KX-One is Kyosho’s top of the line one-belt touring car. Features: Ultralight Delrin cup ring; front one-way; 2mm carbon fiber; turnbuckles; servo saver, adjustable knuckle arm plates; oil shocks; and a full set of ball bearings. Battery and motor are positioned in-line for better balance. Motor has also been moved rearward to improve steering and stability.

Part no. KYOC0100 KX-One 4WD Touring Car




This shaft-driven 4WD touring car comes 90-percent assembled. Complete with 540 motor, mechanical speed control, radial tires and oil-filled shocks. The reliable gear diffs put the power to the ground, while the fully adjustable suspension keeps you in control. All this is topped off with your choice of two cool body styles. A complete line of STR– 4 hop-up parts allows you to modify your racer for even greater performance.

Part no. 1578 (Beta); 1580 (Alfa); 1583 (RTR) $129.98 (Kit); $229.98 (RTR); $219.99 (Pro Kit)

STR-4 Pro Carbon Kit

This competition level, shaft-driven 4WD touring car kit includes all the hop-up parts imaginable, starting with the graphite chassis. The kit comes with 17 ball bearings; front and rear ball diffs; efficient carbon shaft drive system; and front and rear universal shafts. Many of the aluminum parts are anodized in purple, and the shock springs are in neon colors. The car can be adjusted to suit your driving needs and its low center of gravity ensures smooth handling and stability.

Part no. 1585

$219.99 (street)

SST Axis 2

This touring car made its USA debut at the NORRCA Nationals when Paul Lemieux and Paul Wynn scored a 1-2 finish in Factory Mod touring with it. The SST series has now won eight U.S. national titles. The Axis 2 features a new probonded chassis construction for tweak– free consistent handling and incorporates many team driver improvements. It maintains the well-balanced mid-motor layout, efficient 2-belt transmission and full adjustability.

Part no. K025


SST Mission

The new Schumacher Mission is a huge step forward. Revised suspension geometry, a new chassis layout, an ultra-efficient drive train, new ball diffs, full ball bearings, swaybars, tungsten-carbide thrust/diff balls, alloy shocks and motor mount as well as an S1 or carbon-fiber chassis are features of the Mission. With nine national titles, Schumacher is proud of its racing history, and the Mission insures that the best is yet to come!

Part no. K026; K027

$229.99 (S1 chassis) $279.99 (Pro Carbon chassis)


Ferrari 312T3

The sleek and powerful Ferrari 312T3 made its racing debut in the 1978 South African Grand Prix. Tamiya has made the Ferrari 312T3 in 1/10-scale on the FRP half double-deck F103 chassis. The front independent kingpin coil suspension is coupled with rear FRP rigid– coil spring suspension. The kit comes standard with high-efficiency ball differential, super-durable resin body and a spare transparent body.

Part no. 49191


Rover Mini Cooper

Originally created by Sir Alec Isigonis in 1959, and tuned by John Cooper, the “Mini” has established worldwide fame on both the commercial and racing scene. Tamiya has produced the Mini Cooper on the M-03 1/10-scale chassis. The motor is mounted in the front and drives the front wheels. The monocoque-type frame/chassis is lightweight and sturdy. The chassis is also equipped with four-wheel independent suspension and coil-spring shocks.

Part no. 58211


TA04 Corvette

Tamiya presents the Corvette C5-R kit on the TA04-S chassis and now offers an authentic reproduction of the car that took the overall prize at the 2001 Daytona 24-hour race. The polycarbonate body comes painted, so all you have to do to complete the markings is apply the stickers. The C5-R body features original coloring designed by Tamiya and even includes a large rear wing for racing. Motor and mechanical speed control not included.

Part no. 58272


TA04 Modena

Tamiya is proud to introduce this stunning sports car on the all-new TA04 chassis. The TA04 chassis is full of high-performance parts such as a 2-belt 4WD system, a rigid ABS/polycarbonate double-deck frame, a 4– wheel independent double wishbone and six ball bearings for the front/rear diff gear and center pulley. The kit includes type-A medium-narrow tires that can be used in all seasons. A type-540 motor is included.

Part no. 58266


TA04R HKS Racing Mazza

HKS, a top tuning-part manufacturer, created this Altezza for racing and technical development Just like the full-size HKS Racing Altezza, Tamiya recreated the car with a pre-printed carbon-pattern body. Based on the TA04R chassis, the Tamiya HKS Racing Altezza kit is full of high-performance hop-ups. These features include a carbon-reinforced tub and carbon-fiber upper deck, threaded shocks, tuned springs, front and rear stabilizers, turnbuckles and full ball bearings.

Part no. 58276



TA04S Mercedes

The racing version of the Mercedes-Benz CLK maintained the same image as the 2-door coupe production version, but it was made for racing. Tamiya is proud to present a model RC car of this powerful machine with an authentic, painted RC reproduction of the Mercedes-Benz CLK DTM 2000 body with Team Original-Teile coloring. The kit comes with the high-efficiency, 2-belt drive 4WD TA04-S chassis for racing performance.

Part no. 58279


TB Evolution II

The pure racing design of the TB Evolution chassis, with its longitudinally installed motor and shaft 4WD, has reached the next stage of chassis evolution. This means an even faster top speed, a transformation in suspension geometry for improved control and a more balanced left/right roll. Forward and rear gear cases have been securely fastened with aluminum bulkheads. The chassis employs aluminum suspension mounts, allowing adjustment of skid angle on suspension arms.

Part no. 58284


TB-01 Ford Focus

Tamiya has reproduced the Ford Focus WRC on the efficient TB-01 chassis. The TB-01 chassis employs longitudinally installed motor as well as shaft drive anc a full set of ball bearings. The durable, hardened-resin main and upper frames are equipped with oil-filler dampers and an independent 4-wheel double-wishbone suspension. An aluminum motor heat sink has been installed to prevent overheating.

Part no. 58281


TL-01 Subaru

2001 marked a face-lift for the Subaru design with the coming out of its all new World Rally Championship car. Tamiya has produced this sure winner on the proven TL-01 chassis. Simple, but refined, this chassis comes with differential gears, 4-wheel double-wishbone suspension, high drive efficiency and limitless upgrade potential.

Part no. 58277


XB Ford SVT F-150 Lightning

The assembled SVT F-150 Lightning is built on a precisely designed TL-01 chassis that incorporates a shaft-driven full-time 4WD system with high-quality differential gears in the front and rear sealed gearboxes. This system is fitted on a lightweight yet durable monocoque frame. A responsive double-wishbone suspension system with four friction dampers ensures a smooth ride even over rough surfaces. Also available as a regular kit 58222 Ford SVT F-150 Lightning.

Part no. 57702 XB


XB Ford SVT Mustang Cobra R

The factory assembled SVT Mustang Cobra R is built on a precisely designed TL-01 chassis that incorporates shaft-driven full-time 4WD system, equipped with highquality differential gears in front and rear sealed gearboxes. This system is fitted on a lightweight yet durable monocoque frame. A responsive double-wishbone suspension system with four friction dampers ensures a smooth ride even over rough surfaces. Also available as a regular kit 58228 Ford SVT Mustang Cobra R.

Part no. 57703 XB


XB Mercedes CLK DTM D2

The factory-assembled Mercedes CLK DTM D2 is built on a precisely designed TL-01 chassis that incorporates a shaft-driven full-time 4WD system. It is equipped with high-quality differential gears in front and rear sealed gearboxes. This system is fitted on a lightweight yet durable monocoque frame. A responsive double-wishbone suspension system with four friction dampers ensures a smooth ride even over rough surfaces.

Part no. 57710 XB



Team Corally Fl

Here’s a serious 1/10-scale championship F1 racer. The fully independent wishbone front-suspension features an adjustable caster/camber system and is controlled by a specially designed central damper. The main chassis plate is braced by a “quick change” battery retaining plate giving the Corally F1 incredible torsional and longitudinal stiffness, ensuring that the suspension works most effectively. Designed to fit most F1 bodies and wings.

Part no. 00122 (Fl, FRP w/body & wings); 00127 (F1, Pro Graphite w/body & wings)

$274.50; $374.50

Team Corally C4.1 Competition 4WD Touring Sedan

The C4.1 is Corally’s latest release of the 1999 European Touring Car Champion,the C4. The C4.1 features: top rear ball link to adjust roll-center and camber; chassis components made of super-light, rigid shiny woven graphite; ultra-stiff, tweak-free chassis; adjustable anti-squat on the rear drive plates (0.5 to 3 degrees) extra-strong front bumper with added chassis protection. Hardened-steel hinge-pins and front drive shafts are also included. No belt-tensioner needed. Incorporated optional transponder holder.

Part no. 00152



Team Corally Competition C10X Pro Graphite

Fit the batteries into one of two positions to tune handling to suit conditions and driving styles. The C10X uses Corally’s revolutionary anti-roll trailing front beam with coil-springs and dampers. Its unique interchangeable camber-bar system makes very fine camber adjustments possible and adds rigidity. Features the option of installing the wishbone front suspension used on the C10. Also accepts the SP12G3 T-Bar and motor pod that is great for high-grip carpet racing.

Part no. 00117 (C10X, Pro Graphite)



Triple-XS Touring Car

The Triple-XS is the next generation of racing sedan. In fact, within three weeks of its release it won both the ROAR National Championship and the prestigious Euro-National Championships. The revolutionary single belt drive train maximizes acceleration without negative handling characteristics. The unique, integrated one-piece chassis all but eliminates tweaking from impacts and offers unequalled performance and reliability. The Triple-XS is at home on both parking lot and prepared track surfaces.

Part no. LOSA0250




The 4-TEC is the first fully assembled, RTR touring sedan. It’s loaded with features that include a smooth, dual-belt, all-wheel-drive system; 20-turn Stinger motor; and dual adjustable ball diffs. Handling is quick and precise with fully independent suspension and tunable, oil-filled Ultra Shocks. Includes 2-in. satin-finish mesh wheels, Pro-line V-Rage tires, rotary speed control and painted/trimmed ProGraphix body. Also available as an easy-to-assemble kit.

Part no. 4310; 4301

$210 (4310); $130 (4301)



High-tech, luxury 1/10 electric touring car with fully independent and adjustable suspension: toe-in, camber, caster, anti-dive, anti-squat, ride height wheelbase (9mm range), oversteer/understeer control. All transmission parts made from special spring-steel exclusively by HUDY The T1 features 4-step externally adjustable racing shocks.

Part no. 300000



MR4-TC Special

Based on the World and National Championship-winning MR-4TC Worlds chassis, the new MR-4TC SP features an advanced narrow chassis for improved handling performance and quicker response through transitions. High-performance optional parts include front and center one-ways, front and rear swaybars, full titanium turnbuckles, low-friction belts, lightweight aluminum universals, and low-CG motor mount. Winning chassis of the 2001 ROAR Modified Touring Car Carpel Nationals and 2001 ROAR Stock Touring Car Nationals.

Part no. MRTC-SP




Capture the spirit of RC racing quickly and affordably. The Spirit is one of the least expensive, RTR, hobby– class trucks on the markeL You and a friend can buy two for the price of just one of most other trucks and race against each other. Features adjustable oil-filled shocks and rubber tires. Includes a hot 20-turn motor, reliable rotary speed control and a powerful Traxxas Top Qualifier radio system.

Part no. 1209





MRC’s rugged Hammerhead vintage street rod is no ordinary cruiser. This hot, new all-terrain vehicle is a blast from the boulevards to the Baja. A powerful 20– turn motor gets it moving quickly. Available as a kit and RTR, factory-assembled. The RTR version comes with an installed Futaba 2-channel wheel radio. Just add batteries, and you’re ready to go. MRC’s unparalleled parts support and One-Year Crash Damage Protection limited warranty add to the value.

Part no. RC500; RC501 (Hammerhead RTR) $99.98 (Kit); $219.98 (RTR complete-painted body, radio, battery, 819 Charger)



Team Associated Oval Cars

Associated’s 1/10- and 1/12-scale oval racers are for the toughest oval tracks. The LTO-style carbon-fiber chassis designs are light and super-strong. Both kits include race-proven Associated Dynamic Strut front suspension and micro shocks with the Volume Compensating System (VCS). Optional springs are available for more tuning possibilities. The 10L3’s rear pod allows two offset positions and three shocks. The RC12L3 Oval features a 3-bolt rear hub design. Graphite Factory Team rear axles, Jaco mounted foam tires and blue titanium turnbuckles are standard.

Part no. 4016; 8018

$265; $285


Hemi Coupe 2 Goodtime Kit

The Hemi Coupe 2 is a five-window street rod with excellent scale proportions and Parma’s famous Hemi engine. Can be finished with or without fenders in your choice of paint combinations. The detailed, clear body is easy to paint; use Parma’s vinyl window masks. Paint mask for fast graphics (no. 10796) is included. Realistic chrome grill and headlight decals finish it off.

Part no. 15040



Racetech Carpet Pro

Based on the national champion MacAttack chassis, Carpet Pro includes the same great features as the it: a Racetech floater rear pod, Associated side shocks and a high-downforce Monte Carlo body. Also included is the Carpet Pro chassis plate, which offers a .600-in. shorter wheelbase. Eectronics aren’t included.


RACEtech MACAttack

As the 2001 Modified Carpet Oval Championship chassis for both ROAR and NORRCA, the “MAC” is ready for more oval racing. Features include: sliding battery tray, adjustable wheelbase and wide tweak system. An Associated front end, aluminum servo mounts, center shock and wing mounts are other great features, and it comes with mounts to run the three– shock setup. This graphite kit with full ball bearings is a proven winner. Electronics not included.


Cross Fire Force F-1

The Cross Fire Force is a state-of-the art RC F-1 race car. Featuring cantilevered inboard shocks (just like those on the full-size F-1 cars) and a multi link rear suspension system, the car grips the track like a scared cat on shag carpet. With an almost endless list of hop– ups you can turn this car into anything from an F-1 to a LeMans Prototype.

Part no. CF01



SpeedSpec On-Road Sedan

Based on SpeedMerchant’s SpeedTune suspension, the SpeedSpec chassis is fun and easy to drive and delivers track-blistering performance. Designed from the ground up as a 4-cell chassis, this low-budget sedan flies around indoor tracks. Its great to run in a second class or in a spec class for beginners; chassis fits most 190 to 200mm sedan bodies.

Part no. 1500



Team Corally CCT

Designed to give ultimate performance and consistency in all racing conditions with minimal maintenance. The chassis components are made from a super-tough glass-fiber material, which offers great value for the money. CCT uses Corally’s revolutionary anti-roll trailing front beam with unique interchangeable camber bar system. The battery retaining plate is a stretched upper chassis plate, secured with five Corally finger flip clips. Designed to fit narrow-scale 190mm touring car body shells.

Part no. 00130; 16176 (saddle-pack conversion kit)

$184.50; $12.50




Team Associated RC12L3 is the latest evolution of the WorN Champion RC12LC. The L3 Includes a Volume Compensating System Micro Shock (VCS) for smooth, consistent dampening. Optional springs are available for more tuning possibilities. The new carbon-fiber chassis design is lighter, yet still strong in all the right places. The RC12L3’s more secure, 3-bolt rear hub design complements the included Pro-Line/Jaco 3-bolt rear tire/wheel combo. The 12L3 also includes a graphite– thru Factory Team rear axle and blue titanium turnbuckles.

Part no. 4015



Bolink Little Red Wagon

Officially licensed by Bill “Maverick” Golan, the Little Red Wagon will do a wheelie as long as you want with only a 4-cell battery pack and a stock motor. The body comes painted and includes a 5-color decal sheet just like the full scale version. Kit requires a motor, 4-cell battery pack and a 2-channel radio with electronic speed control.



1/12-scale SP3 Extreme

Straight out of the box, this 1/12-scale racer is 90-percent assembled and has a clear body, 380 Mabuchi motor and even an assembled ball diff. Independent front suspension teams up with a single, rear, coil-over shock to ensure smooth handling, while adjustable camber and caster allow the car to adapt to a variety of track conditions. New racers can hop it up once they’ve improved their racing skills.

Part no. 1577PC

$69.98 (Kit); $129 ( RTR Complete-painted body, radio, battery, 819 charger)


SpeedMerchant introduces the first 1/12-scale on-road car with adjustable battery placement and takes its multinational champion design to the next level. The Rev.3 also features true center motor placement, twin damper tubes, adjustable roll center and O-ring battery retention (quick, secure, no tape). The Rev.3’s SpeedTune suspension puts the batteries an the chassis’ centerline for quicker, more efficient cornering.

Part no. 1400



Team Corally Competition

SP12M 1/12 scale

The new SP12M is Corally’s latest 1/12-scale carpet and asphalt racer. It features faster cornering and improved handling on outdoor tracks. It can be used with either a 4-cell saddle pack or a 6-cell stick pack. Available as an option are battery saddle-pack graphite conversion kits. New wishbone front suspension has tuning possibilities and a wishbone connecting plate to adjust anti– roll. Tweak screws have been incorporated into T-Bar, which is level mounted to the chassis.

Part no. 00050 (GRP 4-cell saddle-pack/6-cell stick); 00051 (graphite 4-cell saddle-pack/6-cell stick); 00052 (graphite conversion kit 4-cell saddle); 00053 (graphite conversion kit 6-cell saddle); 00054 (graphite 6-cell saddle)

$199.50; $324.50; $162.50; $162.50; $324.50


Switch Blade 10SS 2002 Oval

Snowbirds champion updated for 2002. Features a new, simpler and stiffer chassis for increased handling and less speed loss in the turns. Sliding batteries and pod positions that can be altered.

Part no, SB5018


SwitchBlade 12

Spashett Edition 2002

Trinity’s killer 1/12 car just got better; it won the 2001 ROAR Nationals. Now made just for 4 cells! Features a sliding battery, stiffer rear-pod graphite to eliminate torque-steer; rear body posts moved back to increase rear bite and prevent the body from flexing.

Part no. SB9830




ABC 1/24 Pocket Racer DTM SP

ABC’s new 1/24 Pocket Racer DTM SP lets you take the thrill of RC racing with you just about anywhere. It sports an adjustable wheelbase, ball thrust differential and an anodized-aluminum motor mount that doubles as an effective heat sink. An MY 130SZ motor is included. The Pocket Racer DTM SP requires a 2-channel radio, mini electronic speed control, miniservo and 7.2V 270mAh battery with charger.

Part no. ABC62500



Bolink Indy Roadster

The Indy Roadster is based on the Bolink “Ladder” chassis. Kit includes Bolink’s Indy Roadster body, which features separate molded roll bar and end-line intakes. Kit comes complete minus electronics.



Super Car 18

The Super Car 18 from BRP Inc. is big fun in a small size! You don’t need much room to run these racers. Just think, your own racetrack in the driveway, garage, or basement Kits include motor, tires, body with window masks and all chassis parts. Speeds up to 20mph and run times of 15 to 20 minutes per charge from 6 AA Ni-Cd batteries (not included). Uses standard-size radio equipment (not included).

Part no. 110 (M.C. type stock car); 111 (racing truck); 112 (C.V. type racer)



DragMaster Pro Stock Chassis

All kits are made from graphite and contain machined– aluminum parts. They are available in standard chassis, a rolling chassis less body and rolling chassis plus body. Available in Pro stock or Funny Car kit form. All kits come without electronics.



1/18 Scale Micro RS4 4WD

The 1/18-scale Micro IRS4 is the perfect size for racing indoors and fits standard-size electronics. With 4WD, gear diffs, ball bearings, race suspension, adjustable wheelbase and width, the Micro RS4 is the hottest thing to hit the streets this year. A wide assortment of option parts is already available, with more to come. Part no. 601 (Dodge Viper GTS-R); 602 (BMW M3); 603 (Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R); 604 (Porsche 911 Turbo); 605 (Chevrolet Corvette C5-R)



Desk Runner

The HO-scale Desk Runner offers the trickest way to get busted for goofing off in the office. It would be cool if the little rig simply moved around under RC control, but Keyence actually built in fully proportional control, operating lights, turn signals and the ability to “remember” and automatically repeat a driving sequence! A sleek, cell-phone-size transmitter controls it all, and the base is a charger.

Part no. 773; 774; 775 (pictured); 776 $389.99 (773 & 775); $399.99 (774 & 776)


Freightliner Tow Truck

The ultra-realistic line of trucks from Weidico is available from Precision Model Distributors. The Freightliner Tow Truck features a die-cast aluminum cab with powdercoat finish; aluminum chassis with leaf-spring suspension; seven wheelbase options. Power options include single or dual motors, single or dual 3-speed transmissions and single tandem or triple metal drive axles; 6×6-in. and 8×8-in. wheel drive.



Street Sport

Combines the speed and efficiency of a direct-drive tranny and the road-hugging ability of a fully independent suspension. The direct-drive-gear-ratio Stinger 20-turn motor and patented ball diff make it one of the fastest electric RTRs. It keeps its composure on rough roads because of its independent suspension and oil– filled shocks. Includes a painted and trimmed ProGraphix body. Adjustable body mounts and sedan– size wheels allow it to accept dozens of body styles and aftermarket tires.

Part no. 4210


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