DuraTrax ESC-100 reversing speed control

If DuraTrax’s new budget-model reversing ESC looks familiar, it’s because it’s based on Futaba’s time-tested MC210CB controlley (hence the “DuraTrax by Futaba” branding). It isn’t a high-tech unit by today’s standards, but it is stone reliable and an ideal step up from a mechanical speed control. At about $40, it’s also about as inexpensive as reversing ESCs get (actual price varies with dealer). The ESC-100’s installation is strictly plug-and-play, thanks to its bullet connectors and Tamiya battery plug, but you will have to buy a pair of 0.1-microfarad capacitors if your motor does not include them. An automotive-style, plug-in fuse will sacrifice itself instead of letting the ESC go poof if the internals are overstressed or the ESC is hooked up backwards, and the fuse can be replaced without opening the ESC-100. Setup isn’t as simple as that of push-button ESCs, but it takes only a twist of the recessed adjustment potentiometer (using the included mini screwdriver) to match the ESC to your transmitter; an LED lights to confirm the settings are correct.

The ESC-100 replaced the mechanical controller of a Traxxas Stampede with good results, even though the Stampede’s 20-turn Stinger motor is hotter than DuraTrax’s suggested limit of 23 turns. Because the ESC-100 switches at just 60Hz, throttle control wasn’t quite as buttery-smooth as today’s high-frequency ESCs’, but it was light-years beyond the on/off of a mechanical controller. Swinging the transmitter’s trigger into the reverse position stopped the truck in a hurry, and a short delay before engaging reverse helped protect the Stampede’s gearbox. Running the ESC-100 continuously at partial throttle made its heat sink uncomfortably hot, but it never faltered.


The ESC-100 is short on features and a bit chunky compared with more modern designs, but it is rugged, reliable and very affordable. As a replacement for a mechanical speed control, it’s perfect.

DuraTrax ESC-100 reversing speed control– part no. DTXM1010, $45.



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