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Cut the shaft

Cut the shaft

Buono, Derek

I just bought a new engine for my Losi NXT, and the shaft is too long. How do I cut the shaft without ruining its threads? [email] Chris Klaus

Cutting the output shaft to the proper length is very easy with the proper tools. Use a rotary tool and a cut-off wheel to cut it. Since the shaft is heat-treated, it’s very difficult to cut without a rotary tool. First, wrap the engine in a rag or a plastic bag to prevent debris from getting into it. Next, thread a clutch nut down the shaft until the length of shaft you wish to remove is left exposed past the nut. Use the edge of the nut as a guide for the cut-off wheel. Cut as straight as possible, and take frequent breaks to avoid overheating the shaft. When you’re finished, remove the nut and clean the threads. The nut will remove most burrs, but you may wish to touch up the end of the shaft with a metal file to remove any sharp edges. If you don’t have access to a rotary tool, you can do the job with a hacksaw. just follow the same steps, but replace rotary tool power with elbow grease.

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