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Chris’s back lot

Chris’s back lot

Chianelli, Chris

My catatonic colleagues Peter, Steve, Greg and George think they’re really cute. They thought they would filibuster the fun-cut me out, as it were-from adding my two cents concerning the monster truck article. Just when I had all but acquiesced, the notion of surrender was blown to bits when I suddenly remembered: I can say whatever I want! Why? Because this is MY PAGE! MINE, MINE, MINE!! OK; I’m calm now. But in the future, I really must try to remember that simple fact: I would be soared much self-inflicted trauma. Hmmmm, maybe I’m the catatonic one?

As they say in Brooklyn, “not-fur-nuttin” (whatever that’s supposed to mean), but my vote goes to the Traxxas Stampede. Many years ago, when the Traxxas crew had only one car-a ready-to-run, solid-axle, entry-level car called the Cat-they came out with their first attempt at racing with the Blue Eagle Stadium Truck. I reviewed it and liked it-a lot! Back then, there were those in the industry who will remain unnamed who laughed at me.

All I can say is Traxxas is doing amazingly well today because it has never wavered from the philosophy: give the R/C car enthusiast what he wants for a great price. Aside from price, there are many other features I like about the Stampede. Its design is sound, simple and very rugged. It survived boy racer Greg’s ridiculously high jumping antics with no damage. It was designed as a truck from the ground up, and its high ground clearance, ladder-bar chassis gives it an exciting full-scale flair. Let me mention a few other thines I like. then I’ll drop the subiect (I promise The suspension arms are (on;: suspension travel is excellent; the shocks are smooth; rim offset is individually optimized for the different geometry found at front and rear and Traxxas’ customer service is great. Oh, yeah, and Traxxas’ art director Kent is a really cool guy.

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