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Can’t fly right

Can’t fly right

Luchejko, Mark



I own a Team Lost Triple-X buggy. I love the car, but I’m having trouble with the jumps at my local track. For some reason, my buggy always flies nose-down when it launches off a jump, and that makes the car flip forward. Can you provide some setup or driving tips? I’m new to the hobby and don’t know what to adjust. I’m also getting tired of walking down the drivers’ stand to right my car after a crash. [email]

Mark Luchejko

Try adjusting your driving style. To level the buggy out, blip the throttle the moment the car takes to the air. If that doesn’t help, check out your car’s ride height by dropping the ready-to– race buggy onto a flat surface from a height of 8 to 10 inches. When the suspension has settled, check the ride height. The rear dogbones should be level with the surface; the front suspension arms should be slightly above level. Set up your buggy this way by adjusting the shock preload spacers and then taking a few laps. If the buggy continues to fly with a nose-down attitude, add a little more spring preload to the front shocks.

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