Radio Control Car Action

Board walk

Board walk


How can I?

TAYMO2000: My air filter gets very dirty really fast. How can I prevent this?

808TROTC3: Drive somewhere cleaner-like on the street.

JOEMAX: Buy spares and switch them out as needed. I have two or three for each of my cars.

MRCRASH: Use a pre-filter.

My soldering problem.

MJBANDT: I can’t get anything soldered. Every time I bump into something with my truck, the motor leads come off. I use rosin-core solder. What’s up?

MRDOVE: Try using little more solder. You should also give it a little yank to test the bond.

ROCKNBIL: You aren’t heating the parts you need to solder. The idea is that the wire and the tab must be hot enough to melt the solder. The solder should flow into the heated parts and make a solid bond.

DIZZY: Make sure that the soldering iron’s tip is tight.

Is this normal?

LUAP1: My compression is awesome. After running my j engine however, I can turn the flywheel over fairly easily. Once it cools down, the compression is awesome again.

808 NITROTC3: When the engine is hot, the piston sleeve expands and makes the piston move up and down easier. When the engine cools, the sleeve shrinks a little, and that makes a tighter fit. Also, make sure that your piston is at the bottom when it’s cooling.


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