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3WD monster

3WD monster

Blackhawk, Jr

I need your help with the slightly used OFNA Monster Priate that I bought from a friend. The truck works great when I run it in my yard and at the park, but whenever I race it at the track, the setscrews that secure the front outdrive cups to the diff output shafts loosen, and the shaft no longer turns the drive axle, so power to one of the wheels is lost. I’ve tightened the heck out of the setscrews and applied thread-locking compound, but the setscrews still come loose after a few laps around the track. I read the “Super Shop” Monster Pirate article in the August 2002 issue of RC Nitro and was wondering if you ran into similar problems with your MR How can I fix this problem once and for all?


Jr. Blackhawk

I encountered similar problems the first time I raced my MP at the track. The truck was running great and then, all of a sudden, it started handling erratically. A loose outdrive-cup setscrew was the culprit, Just as in your case.

I initially used regular-strength thread-lock on the setscrews, but they continued to come loose after only a few tanks of fuel, so I decided to use high-strength thread-lock, and this solved the problem. I have run more than 15 tanks of fuel through my truck since then, and the outdrive-cup setscrews are still tight. Give it a try. You can find heavy-duty thread-lock at hardware and automotive stores.

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