.12 engine hop-ups

Pond, Steve

Eustace Moore-president of Moore’s Ideal Products (MIP*)-has a long history in nitro racing, so it comes as no surprise that his company has developed a line of accessories for the .iz-size nitro engines that are popular here in the U.S.

Cylinder head. Designed to enhance performance by increasing cooling and reducing weight, the MIP head will fit the O.S. .12 CZ-R, CZ-Z and CV and the Thunder Tiger Pro 12 BZ. The CZ-R and CZ-Z heads are purple anodized, while the CV and Thunder Tiger Pro iz BZ heads are finished in a sharp gun-metal gray.

Buttsink. Designed to complement the cylinder head, the buttsink offers additional cooling for increased performance and longevity. To increase performance, use it to convert a pull-start engine into a non-pull-start. When installed, the buttsink hangs about 2mm below the bottom of the crankcase; this should not cause a problem in most applications, but you should measure for clearance before you buy one. The buttsink for the O.S. .12 CV is finished in the same gunmetal gray as the cylinder head, and the ones for the O.S. .12 CZ-R, CZ-Z and Dynamite engines are available vith purple or red anodizing.

Boost chamber. With this offering, MIP introduces the boost chamber to 1/lo-scale nitro racing. The chamber captures the pressurized air/fuel mixture that is trapped in the intake passage when the rotary valve in the crankshaft closes. When the valve opens again, the contents of the chamber are released into the intake passage. This improves low-end throttle response and fuel economy.

The boost chamber simply caps off the rear engine cover to provide an area in which to “store the air and fuel mixture that would otherwise be wasted. To install it on engines that use a pinch-style retainer for the carb, you’ll have to do some drilling. The boost chamber fits the O.S. .12 CZ-R, CZ-Z, and CV (requires drilling), the Thunder Tiger Pro iz BZ and Dynamite engines.

Boost bottle (not shown). Use the boost bottle with engines that don’t accept the boost chamber or don’t have enough clearance for it. The bottle design works in the same way as the chamber and offers the same performance advantages, but it can be mounted alongside the engine or in another convenient location.

All MIP’s nitro racing accessories meet the high standards that we have come to expect from this company. And not only are the parts themselves of very high quality, but MIP also includes all the necessary installation hardware (not all manufacturers do this). The cylinder head comes with the bolts and a shim, the buttsink includes a new gasket and bolts, the boost chamber …. Well, you get the idea.

Part nos. and prices

Cylinder head

O.S. .12 CZ-R, CZ-Z (purple)-part no. 3009, $24.95. O.S. .12 CV, Thunder Tiger Pro 12BZ (gray)-3037, $29.95.


O.S. .12 CZ-R, CZ-Z, Dynamite (purple/red)-3o2o/3o27, $19. O.S. .12 CV, Thunder Tiger Pro 12BZ (gray)-3036, $19.

Boost chamber

O.S. .12 CZ-R, CZ-Z, O.S. .12 CV; call for info.

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