Wing Tote: Protect your wings

Wing Tote: Protect your wings

Onorato, Jim

Wing Tote Inc. Wing Tote Protect your wings

How many times have you arrived at the flying field only to discover that the wing of your favorite airplane has been bruised, scratched, or even worse-punctured? Well, Wing Tote Inc. may have just the product you need: customized bags to carry RC plane wings. Made of a durable outer nylon shell, ‘&inch closed-cell foam padding and a heavy fleece lining, these zippered bags offer superior protection for wing surfaces during transportation to and from the flying field.

They feature 11/2-inch nylon shoulder handles and convenient nylon tabs on three sides for vertical or horizontal storage using a simple wall-mounted hook. Single wing bags come in three sizes: the 64×20-inch Little Tote, the 74x20inch Medium Tote and the 82×24-inch Big Tote. The double-wing bag, or Double Tote, measures 42x22x14 inches and is intended for large “plug-in-type” wings. Wing Tote also offers a Heli Tote helicopter bag. The bags sell for $100 to $150 and come with a 3-year limited warranty.

Never again will you have to worry about that expensive plane wing in the back of your car or truck. -Jim Onorato Wing Tote Inc. (425) 251-5241;

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