Chianelli, Chris

A new biplane in Ikon N’wst’s inventory of kits is this 1/5 scale WACO YKS-6. It was chosen for its history and beauty, and Ikon bills the YKS-6 as one of its nicest kits ever. In the late 1930s, the YKS-6 was virtually unmatched aesthetically, and Ikon has honored the history of this fine plane with the detail appropriate to a vintage type. Although it isn’t officially an aerobatic airplane, with its four ailerons, it will roll with the best of them. Specs: wingspan-78.5 inches; wing loading-21.2 ounces per square foot; wing area1,632 square inches; weight-15 pounds; engine-1.20ci to 1.SOci 4-stroke.

Ikon N’wst, 3806 Chase Rd., Post Falls, ID 83854; (800) 327-7198.

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