Model Airplane Workstand

Model Airplane Workstand

Yarrish, Gerry

Go-anywhere convenience

Shortly after you start flying model airplanes, you realize that it’s very uncomfortable to work on your plane while stooped over it at the flying field. Your back gets tired and, more often than not, you need a friend to help you with most assembly tasks. It occurs to you that what this world needs is a good, well-designed, portable model airplane stand. Enter!

Priced at $24.95 (plus $5 S&H), the Model Airplane Workstand (MAW) is designed to be used at the flying field for attaching a model’s wing, adjusting the engine and preflight controls and making repairs. Because its legs can be removed, the MAW is also ideal for the workshop; when you’re building, it comes in very handy to lift a model off the workbench to prevent hangar rash. You can also use it as a storage stand when your model is not in use.

With its padded top cradle, the MAW can support an aircraft from .20 size to a giant-scale that weighs up to 200 pounds. will also custom-build a stand to suit your particular needs. The MAW’s PVC-tube construction is weather- and fuel-resistant, and it folds for easy storage. It has a vinyl shelf that can hold tools, supplies and even your transmitter while you work on your model, and rubber footpads prevent the stand from sliding on smooth surfaces.

I really enjoy using this stand, and I take it with me whenever I go flying. If you have been looking for a great support system to elevate your model while your work on it, look no further. -Gerry Yarrish (812) 633-4690.

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