EZ Fueler Fuel Dots

EZ Fueler Fuel Dots

Onorato, Jim

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On a plane equipped with a fuel tank, it’s important to have access to the tank so you can fill It. If the fuel-inlet nipple is readily accessible, you can simply disconnect the fuel line from the engine and fill the tank through it. If the inlet is not accessible, as on many cowled engines, some other provision must be made. A number of different types of fuelers are on the market, but their reliability and complexity vary greatly. The simplest arrangement I’ve found is to install a third line on the fuel tank and bring it outside of the fuselage through an EZ Fueler fuel dot. With this arrangement, the pick-up line goes to the engine, the vent line gets connected to the pressure fitting on the muffler, and the third line, used for filling, goes to the EZ Fueler. The EZ Fueler consists of an aluminum housing with a retaining nut and an aluminum plug with an O-ring. The housing is installed in the fuse’s side through a 3/8-inch hole and is fastened in place by the retaining nut. Then run the fuel line through the housing for fueling. When fueling is complete, insert the plug in the fuel line and insert both into the housing. The O-ring holds both in place. All that is visible on the outside of the fuse is a 1/2-inch-diameter aluminum dot.

Very neat!

J’Tec also sells an EZ Fueler Combo that includes an EZ Fueler, an aluminum vent fitting and a T-fitting. The combo is intended for use with gasoline engines that have a diaphragm-type carburetor. This setup requires only two lines on the fuel tank. Insert the T-fitting in the line going to the carburetor, and run the fueling line from the T-fitting to the EZ Fueler. Run the vent line to the vent fitting installed in the fuselage’s bottom.

The EZ Fueler costs $7.99; the Combo costs $13.95. This system is easy to install, looks neat and works great. -Jim Onorato

J’Tec, 164 School St., Daly City, CA 94014; (650) 756-3400; www.jtec.com.

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