Cessna 02A/B Skymaster

Cessna 02A/B Skymaster




If you like the quick assembly time of ARFs but wish you could cover your models yourself, an Italian company may have the answer: “50-percent ARFs.” These planes feature prebuilt sub-assemblies such as laser-cut wooden fuselages and wings, and they come with accessories, plans and building instructions, but you can finish the models in any way you choose. Take this Cessna Skymaster, for example: it comes with a built, laser-cut wooden fuselage and built, foam-core-and-balsa, vinyl-covered wings, but you can finish it in civilian, U.S.

Air Force or Navy decorations. The Skymaster retails for $349.99. Specs: wingspan-86.6 inches; length45.7 inches; weight-14 pounds; radio required— to 6-channel; engines recommended-two .40 to .47 2-strokes or .90 4-strokes. Dealer and/or distributor enquiries welcome.

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