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Aerix mini brushless motors

Aerix mini brushless motors

What would you say if we told you that you could get Speed 480-size power from a motor that is the size and weight of a 280, has greater efficiency and draws fewer amps than any 480 on the market? You’d probably say what we said: “Gimme one!” Well, we’ll do you one better: Hobby Lobby offers two versions, and that makes them ideal for just about any 10- to 30-ounce airplane. The Mini 7 handles 6 to 8 cells; the Mini 10 works on 7 to 10 cells. Geared 2.64:1, the Mini 7 can spin an 8.5×5 prop at more than 9,500rpm, drawing less than 13 amps. The Mini 10 (also geared 2.64:1) spins an 8.5×6 prop at nearly 9,000rpm, drawing less than 10 amps. Both are 48mm long and 22mm in diameter, with a 2.3mm prop shaft. Each weighs 1.7 ounces and uses a carbon-fiber outer casing. They work well with Hobby Lobby’s Jeti 18-313 Brushless Motor Controller. Both versions cost $79.

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