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goodthings on PUBLIC RADIO – Brief Article

Have you been checking out our favorite public radio stories? Here are some of our favorite public radio pieces this week (follow the link below to the full summaries on our Web site):

::: Self-Evident Truths — DNA evidence is what set Omar free; the Declaration of Independence is what freed his mind of anger and his spirit of hopelessness.

::: Righting Wrongs — In the ongoing debate over the ethics of the death penalty, a former proponent in Illinois and a commission he created occupy center stage in the effort to reform its use.

::: The Sound of the Sublime — Where the next generation of Mexico’s mariachi music is concerned, all roads lead to an extraordinary high school ensemble in Roma, Texas.

::: Too Much Information — In the quest to replace an old car, one commentator finds that “knowing too much” makes shopping so much harder.

::: Unified Opposition to Le Pen — Moderate and left-leaning political groups in France are finding something to agree upon: the need to defeat right-wing extremist Jean-Marie Le Pen in the May 5 presidential election.

::: Thinking About Everything — Israeli singer-songwriter Chava Alberstein has built a reputation as a peace activist and as a beautiful voice not afraid to criticize her own government.

::: A Changing City, An Evolving Newspaper — As Atlanta increasingly becomes a global city, its newspaper is changing to reflect the region’s new personality.

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Talk to us. What’s the best public radio story you’ve heard this week?


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