goodthings on PUBLIC RADIO – Abstract

goodthings on PUBLIC RADIO – Abstract – Brief Article

Have you been checking out GoodThings on Public Radio? Here are some of our favorite public radio pieces this week (follow the link below to the full summaries on our Web site):

::: Thailand’s Positive Reality Radio — The most popular radio show in Thailand, called “Let’s Get Together and Help Each Other,” has millions pondering the power of community.

::: The “Accidental Ethicist” — What’s the difference between right and wrong? Let the New York Times’ Randy Cohen help you chuckle about the dilemma.

::: The Benevolent Monarch — The death of Britain’s Queen Mother has many reflecting upon her response to an event during World War II where she became just like everybody else.

::: “New Day” for Afghans — As Afghans around the world celebrate their traditional new year, they’re more aware than ever of what it means to be free.

::: Voices of Youth — The perspectives of teenagers on either side of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict make it clear that peace is the only answer.

::: Water of Life — For Turkey’s Omar Faruk Tekbilek, the Middle East is one big family and his music, an example of the kind of glue that can hold it together.

::: The Art of Medicine — A doctor considers the lost art of teaching in medical education and what it means for patients.

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By the way, GoodThings on Public Radio will be taking next week off but will return on April 18.

Talk to us. What’s the best public radio story you’ve heard this week?


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