CPSC Staff Proposes ANPR on Portable Bed Rails

CPSC Staff Proposes ANPR on Portable Bed Rails – Consumer Product Safety Commission

Having regulated cribs and bunk beds, CPSC has recently mined its attention to devices known as Portable Bed Rails. These products are sold for installation on an adult bed to keep children sleeping on that bed from falling out.

CPSC staff has determined that these products should be regulated, since there is no government or voluntary performance standard in place. The staff briefing package acknowledges that manufacturers recommend using these rails for children who are large enough to get in and out of an adult bed by themselves–usually from two to five years of age.

But some consumers appear to be using the bed rails for infants younger than two, according to CPSC staff. They point to 12 fatalities and 24 non-fatal incidents with these bed rails in the past ten years. Nine of the fatalities and nine of the non-fatal incidents involved children under age two. Most of the fatalities involved entrapment.

One year ago, CPSC drafted a proposed performance standard and submitted it to ASTM, but the voluntary standards organization has not yet acted.

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