Goody gumdrop tree – making Christams decorations with candy

Goody gumdrop tree – making Christams decorations with candy – Brief Article

James A. Baggett

What could be more fun than a Christmas tree laden with yummy candy


12″-tall Styrofoam cone form Scissors 4″ garden pot Small handful of rocks Large gumdrops (75 to 100 candies, 1″ in diameter) 40 to 50 wooden toothpicks

You don’t have to limit yourself to just one great big Christmas tree this season. With this mini version composed of colorful sweets (as shown in “A Very Merry Topiary” on page 81), you can transform a tabletop or windowsill into a sugary forest fantasy that’s good enough to eat. It’s easy and fun to assemble; we’ve used large green and red gumdrops for our tasty creation, but you can offer up a rainbow of colors for kids to choose from. A gumdrop tree makes a thoughtful gift for someone special who may not have room for a traditional one.

just for fun

* Cover your tree with lady apples for a healthful, natural alternative. Cranberries, kumquats, limes, and lemons also work well and last for several weeks.

* Use Styrofoam forms of different shapes and sizes to fashion a miniature winter wonderland on a mantel.

* Using a drop of white craft glue, attach peppermint candies or gummy bears instead of red gumdrops among the green gumdrops.

* Paint the cone form green and glue on acorns, small pinecones, buckeyes, or sweetgum balls to decorate it (hold each in place until the glue sets).

* Instead of using a flowerpot, place your candy tree on top of a cake stand tied with a colorful red ribbon for an extra-special presentation.

1. Cut off the top half-inch of the Styrofoam cone form (available at crafts and floral supply stores) with scissors so the very top is flat.

2. Place rocks inside pot to weigh it down, then press the Styrofoam cone form into the pot until it is secure.

3. Cut the toothpicks in half and poke the pointed ends halfway into the bottoms of the gumdrops.

4. Insert the gumdrops into the cone form one at a time, starting at the base and working your way around and up. Be sure to place gumdrops as close together as possible. To give your decoration the look of a real evergreen tree, use mostly green gumdrops; insert red ones here and there to look like cheerful ornaments. Continue adding gumdrops until you’ve reached the top of the cone. Place a single red gumdrop on the very top.

5. Locate your tree in a prominent place, but don’t be surprised if you find a few gumdrops missing after a visit from a friend with a sweet tooth!

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