Gifts for gardeners

Gifts for gardeners – Brief Article

Perfect presents for everyone on your list

When gardeners dream, they dream in Technicolor-of seed catalogues and the flowers and vegetables that will flourish under their care. The tools of gardening-those things that help the gardener make the garden grow or record the results of all that hard work-are not as showy but no less important. A selection of gifts built around a theme will make even the most discerning gardener’s dreams come true.

the waterer

Everything a gardener needs to perform this life-giving ritual: a multi-spray nozzle, handy recoiling wand, and fertilizer spikes, all in a generous watering can. Top it off with a protective hat and gloves.

the seed-starter

How does your garden grow? It wilt do just fine–indoors and out–with everything needed to get seeds growing and maintain houseplants cleverly presented in a vintage seed box. Include some seed packets, peat pots, markers, plant food, and a toteful of essential tools.

The tool enthusiast

Keeping a journal of how your garden progresses is both useful and aesthetically pleasing. A gift of art supplies will inspire a creative friend to try a watercolor or sketch as a record. Saving and pressing flowers lets the garden live on in artwork or homemade notecards.

Every gardener covets a set of well-made tools. State-of-the-art design and materials enhance the practicality of this stylish set arranged in a pretty pot.

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