Biscotti Herbal

Biscotti Herbal – Brief Article

Crisp, delicious biscotti are perfect to have on hand during this busy time of year for snacking, to accompany meals, or to set out when entertaining. And since these sturdy temptations travel well, they can be packed up in any number of clever ways for gift-giving. We’ve added a new twist by incorporating herbs into both sweet and savory versions. You can substitute your own favorite herbs such as oregano, marjoram, or dill in the savory biscotti, rose petals or lemon verbena in the sweet renditions. Add a handful of pine nuts, pecans, or pumpkin seeds to create endless variations, or dip the sweet ones into chocolate for a doubly delicious treat. One word of advice: Bake a few extra batches. We guarantee these crunchy herbal delights will disappear fast.

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