President’s Message

Dixon, Thomas W Jr

This month’s issue is a one-subject magazine devoted to Karen I’arker’s history of the muchtalkecl-about C&O L-l class streamlined Hucisons.

You’ll note that we have some new things in this month’s flyer, including some items on special sale. Now would he a good time to pick up some of these at a very good price.

We are announcing a new hook on Clifton Forge this month, which I think will he of interest to people, telling the 1 50-year saga of the railroad at Clifton Forge, from the primordial days oi the Virginia Central in the 1850s up through the halcyon days of steam and down to the coming of diesels.

The InterMountain HO FP7 A-B-A and A-A sets are on order and we expect to see a prototype model in a month or so.

Most important of all, the long awaited Jerry Doyle C&O Diesel Locomotives in Color, 1949-1972 book is finally at the printer, and we expect to have them in hand probably by July 1 at the latest. There have been many problems and delays in bringing this book out, but I hope everyone will be pleased. It is a different approach, where Jerry has sought to portray each separate order of locomotives, along with roster and other information. Although there have been many C&O color books featuring diesels in the past few years, I hope you’ll want to add this one to your library. If you don’t have it on order, please order now so we can send out just as many as possible after they arrive.

Some progress is being made on the CdK) For Progress book and it’s basically on my shoulders to get it finished so we can finally have it by summer’s end.

Both the Chessie and C&O calendars are going to be ready earlier than usual this year. Look for ads in the (une or July magazines. I his year’s C&O calendar will he an all-steam treatment for the first time ever. We have had requests for this tor a long time, hut this is the first time we could put one together.

Last month’s magazine had the flyer tor the Frankfort, Ky., Conference. Registration can also he accomplished on-line. Please consider coming as we’ll have a nice lineup of good programs, and Chairman Charles Bogart has set up some very nice things for us to see including a great lunchtime trip on the Old Kentucky Dinner Train, which should he real fun. See you there!

Start thinking about the Fall Archives Work Session. The Spring session in April was attended by about 35 people, perhaps the biggest ever, and we accomplished a great deal of excellent work in the collections while having some great fun doing it. If you haven’t attended one, contact Jeff Kehler, our coordinator (see his address information on the masthead), and get signed up. I hope to see lots of the regulars back as well.

Of course I’m going to close out by reminding everyone again to consider a gift or pledge to the CandO Campaign. This is going to be very important to us this year in maintaining a good level of operations for the Society.

I want to thank everyone for the fine level of interest and support that is evidenced so often by the membership. If you would like to make suggestions, offer to volunteer, or help in some way, our telephone, e-mail and U.S. mail lines are always open and we’re receptive, to your input!

Respectfully, Thomas W. Dixon, Jr.

Chairman & President

Thomas W. Dixon, Jr.

Chairman & President

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