Manifest schedule changes

Manifest schedule changes

CSX train Q690 now runs from Erwin, Tenn., to Willard, Ohio, instead of Chicago. It departs Erwin 1030, by Elkhorn City 1915, Iv Shelby 2230, ar Russell 0530, Iv 0830, ar Columbus 1400, lv 1900, by Fostoria at 2345, and ar Willard 0130.

Q691’s run now terminates at Russell instead of Erwin. It leaves Chicago 1600, by Fostoria 0330, ar Columbus 0815, Iv 1145, and ar Russell 1745.

New train L691 runs Friday only to Erwin. It leaves Chicago 1530, by Fostoria 0400 (Sat.), ar Russell 1645, Iv 2015, lv Paintsville 0015 (Sun.), Iv Shelby 0545, by Elkhorn City 0630, and ar Erwin 1630.

Replacing Q691 south of Russell is new daily freight Q695. It departs Russell 1400, Iv Paintsville 1530, lv Shelby 0001, by Elkhorn City 0115 and ar Erwin 1045. This train has generally been rolling south by the “West End of Pauley” in early evening.

New freight L632 operates between Louisville and Russell. An “L” freight is an alternate schedule to a regularly scheduled “Q” freight. It may have a different schedule or some change in the block consist. L632 runs about five hours earlier than the daily Q632 which runs between Cincinnati and Russell only. L632 originates only on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. It departs Louisville 1600, ar Cincinnati 0230, Iv 0330 and ar Russell 1130.

The main line has two long haul nomads. Q409 runs from Selkirk, N.Y, to Rocky Mount, N.C., via the old C&O. Q409 leaves Selkirk 0900, Iv Buffalo 1815, Iv Cleveland 2345, Iv Columbus 1015 (day two), Iv Russell 1645, Iv Hinton 0310 (day three), Iv Clifton Forge 0645, Iv Gladstone 0935, ar Fulton 1330, lv 1600, and ar Rocky Mount 0030 (day four).

Q410 runs even further – Waycross, Ga., to Selkirk! It departs Waycross 2000, lv Savannah 0300 (day two), Iv Florence 1530, Iv Rocky Mount 2359, Iv Fulton 0745 (day three), Iv Gladstone 1145, Iv Clifton Forge 1445, Lv Hinton 1830, Iv Russell 2300, Iv Columbus 0500 (day four), lv Cleveland 1500, Iv Buffalo 1915 and ar Selkirk Yard 0400. Both of these trains previously ran via Oak Island, N.J., Philadelphia, and Baltimore.

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