Guided digital medicine: the law of unintended consequences and non-disease treatment of diseases—part 1

Savely Yurkovsky

Once upon a time (a real story), there was a beautiful, large lake plentiful with fish that had fed many generations of tens of thousands of people in the vicinity. Yet, one day, some industrious folks had decided to bolster its fishing capacity and introduce big fish into its midst. So, many big fish were delivered and dumped into the lake in anticipation of turning its rebirth as a fishing paradise. But, regretfully and quite contrary to high expectations, strange things took place instead.

As the big fish took to the waters and prospered, small fish became its prey and began shrinking in numbers. Because of this, the surface algae that was normally consumed by the small fish began growing abundantly, decaying in large numbers and sinking to the bottom. There, they consumed much oxygen that another population of small fish needed for survival and they started perishing, too. This drastically reduced population of small fish had led to another unforeseen problem, an overgrowth of smaller living things in the lake, mollusks among them, that carried parasites. As they overgrew, so did the parasitic population and people living off the lake became sick in large numbers. In addition, due to the drastically reduced population of small fish, the big fish could no longer prosper and decreased in numbers, too. Furthermore, the agrarian people in the area who had managed to dry smaller fish before, for long-term conservation, by simply having them exposed to the sun, could not get away with this simple process once it came to the big fish, as they had to be smoked over fire. This led to cutting much wood and, thereby, diminishing the surrounding forest. As a consequence, the lake’s banks, having lost the necessary ground support provided previously by the trees, began disintegrating and sliding into the lake. Over time, tons of mud and sludge ended up polluting the waters and further destroying the lake’s natural habitat.

Today, decades later, the once beautiful lake is reminiscent of a swamp. Experts in marine biology state that it will take hundreds or even thousands of years before the damage can be undone.

“The specialists are destroyers of cure. For one knows something about this, the other about something else. Yet, all together, they know nothing of essence.”

–T. Paracelsus, MD (1493-1541)

“Modern science suffers from structural problems that have their roots in conceptual issues …. The rewards of academic life are given for becoming expert in a specialty or subspecialty. It is important, however, that although the major work of science must be done by specialists they should all realize that they are contributing to a mosaic and their work fits, like a piece of a jigsaw puzzle into an overall picture.”

–James G. Miller, MD, PhD, author Living Systems, 1995

Some years later, there was a young girl (sadly, a real story, too) in her early twenties, in good health except for the fact that she had vulvodynia, who went to see her OB-GYN specialist. The doctor recommended a special diet in accordance with the vulvodynia foundation’s treatment plan for this disease. It did help, somewhat, but not much. She then went to see another MD, a sub-specialist in this condition. He gave a drug but it did not work.

The next health practitioner was a chiropractor who attempted to help the matter by adjusting her low spine which was out of place. This did not do anything either.

A biofeedback specialist with subspecialty in vulvodynia was approached afterwards. No difference.

Another OB-GYN, specializing in vulvodynia, was tried, who ordered blood tests for food allergies and candida infection and prescribed some heavy treatment. It consisted of physical therapy and massive anti-yeast drugs: Sporonax, Nizoral and Diflucan. She felt the heavy treatment as it worsened the pain.

By the time she presented herself to my office very recently, her medical record consisted literally of a good battalion of health practitioners, 32 to be exact, most of whom were specialists. I would be pressed for space to present the rest of her medical ordeal, but will do so in a rather abbreviated fashion by briefly mentioning the specialty of the practitioners she saw, the treatments and outcomes.

* A nutritionist: candida diet, many supplements and herbs. Vulvodynia worsened.

* A rheumatologist (assuming vulvo-dynia was a symptom of fibromyalgia since she started complaining of some muscle aches): six drugs, most of them for fibromyalgia, including one anti-depressant. No change in vulvodynia plus new gastrointestinal and sinus problems; the alleged fibromyalgia worsened, too.

* A chiropractor: NAET. Didn’t work.

* A nutritionist: Fibromyalgia diet. Worsened: More muscle pains and GI distress, irregular periods, brain fog, weight loss (very thin to begin with).

* Internist, MD, integrative medicine: Based on a comprehensive stool analysis yielding heavy candida growth, prescribed many supplements, and physical therapy for vulvodynia. No help. Food allergies worsened.

* Hypnotist: Self-hypnosis to control food allergies. Didn’t work.

* Famous immune and integrative medicine specialist, MD: Numerous herbs and supplements; long-term alternating Nystatin regimen for candida, IV drips with hydrogen peroxide and vitamins, peroxide baths, castor oil packs, “special hypoallergenic” protein formulas, cultured foods, change in diet. Became worse.

* Gastroenterologist: Elimination diet, consuming just one food a day to determine tolerant foods. None was tolerable. Prescribed a synthetic “hypoallergenic” nutritional formula. Developed severe headaches.

* Acupuncturist: Half-dozen treatments, no change.

* Homeopath, MD: Tried several remedies. No difference.

* Psychiatrist: Several drugs for anxiety and depression. Just as sick.

* Gastroenterologist: A drug for acid reflux. She refused due to possible side effects and lack of good reason on his part.

* A complementary-integrative medicine MD in a big “holistic” center: Many tests including EAV (Electro-acupuncture According to Voll) followed by drugs: Flagyl for parasites, Diflucan for candidiasis, DMPS and DMSA for mercury toxicity; countless supplements, sublingual allergy desensitization, prolotherapy for pirformis and low back pain. Got much worse, most of the symptoms intensified, especially food allergies, fatigue and brain fog.

* Naturopathic doctor: High protein diet to help hypoglycemia and energy. Got worse with more heartburn, GI inflammation symptoms and constipation.

* Famous clinic specializing in chronic fatigue. Treated by several naturopathic doctors who prescribed many treatments. Among them “hi-tech” laser therapy, pulsed magnetic energy machine, diathermy apparatus and other technology; also, numerous supplements and food replacing formulas. Some of these formulas claiming to be hypoallergenic that “detoxify” and “balance” did just the opposite as she felt “totally stoned.” Also, special diets, NAET. Got worse, lost more energy and weight.

* Back to the homeopath: Few more remedies. No difference.

* Alternative medicine, MD: Performed sophisticated blood test for food allergies and gave “neurotransmitter boosting formulas.” The blood test did not match her actual food sensitivities and the “neurotransmitter boosters” did not boost anything.

* Very, very famous integrative, candida and environmental specialist, MD: Diagnosed chemical sensitivity and recommended clean air. Prescribed very expensive immune booster injections along with some powder for leaky gut. Nothing happened.

* A gastroenterologist, whom she saw previously: immediately hospitalized her since her weight dropped down to a dangerous level, 66 lbs. (she is 5’4″).

* Another gastroenterologist, following hospital discharge, returned her to a hospital because she kept losing weight.

* A gastric tube was placed surgically through an abdominal incision by another gastroenterologist. Received a “hypoallergenic” formula that she turned out to be allergic to.

* Another integrative medicine MD to help her to wean off the tube: Prescribed colonics, B vitamin injections, and drinking a famous “hypoallergenic” formula to which she definitely reacted. Not sure if tolerated the shots. Purchased infrared sauna according to his recommendation.

* At the time of her visit to my office, was seeing a naturopathic doctor and administering homeopathic drops for parasites, and liquid minerals which were making her feel dopey.

Also, receiving healing sessions from a distance, colonics making her feel better for a few hours and infrared sauna that she reacts to, being allergic to wood.

Today, years later, with combined medical bills approaching six figures, and seeking help originally for a single complaint, vulvodynia, her current health problems are:

* Brain symptoms: fog/ intoxication, mood swings

* Fatigue

* Underweight (about 25 lbs)

* Chest tightness, difficulty breathing

* GI problems: gas, bloating, cramping, burning, constipation

* Nasal/head/ear congestion, dark wax in ears

* Muscle, joint pain and inflammation

* Muscle spasms

* Muscle weakness

* Low blood pressure

* Low body temperature

* Agitation, anxiety

* Headaches

* Burning eyes, skin, lips & tongue

* Tingling skin

* Hoarseness, on occasion

* Sleep disturbance

* No menstrual periods for several years

* Chemical sensitivity (newsprint, pesticides, carpeting, rubber, chlorine, formaldehyde, detergents, fragrances, petrochemicals, etc).

* Burning with urination; and

* Vulvodynia

Why, in the first example, had a seemingly prudent act of enhancing fishing capacity of the lake turned it into mud?

Why, in the second case, had the introduction of therapeutic substances that are supposed to be therapeutic turned a young person into a virtual invalid by creating a slew of maladies that she originally, did not have?

Her medical ordeal, unfortunately, is not unique but exemplifies the state of medicine today and calls for in-depth analysis of its serious shortcomings. The chief one is the most disconcerting–many specialties, even more therapies, that are reminiscent of a pile of weapons with no sound doctrine guiding their effective use. Without such a doctrine, the “new” and “latest discoveries” and “breakthroughs” in either camp in the way of pharmaceuticals or technology just add to the pile while the weapons remain off-target, at large, and the output the same–low, sporadic and economically wasteful ($1.5 trillion/yr.).

It is the objective of this discussion to present a different general theory for a paradigm change for medical practice that is based on the available pertinent body of information and inclusive of non-medical sources of scientific knowledge that have eluded, so far, the necessary spotlight in both conventional and alternative training. The ultimate goal is to establish a different set of priorities in the diagnosis and treatment that would lead to a drastic reduction of the number of “weapons” while substantially raising, at the same time, their clinical and cost effectiveness.

It will also aid in gaining a better understanding of the prevailing superficial perception of chronic diseases based on mechanical grouping of similar symptoms or test findings shared by different individuals due to common constitutional weaknesses, while the fundamental pathogens and deeper pathologies induced by them remain elusive. Depending on the specialty or subspecialty involved, the symptoms or findings are magnified accordingly.

Let us begin with examining some basics. The law of unintended consequences, mentioned in the title of this article, concerns complex ecological and living systems, inclusive of lakes and humans. It states that any change in one part of a complex system may affect other parts of the system, in ways that are often unpredictable.

Human body as a system.

By definition, the human body belongs to a category of a complex living system whose numerous parts are all interconnected directly, indirectly and complexly. The organism as an entire system consists of many subsystems, its components: organs, tissues, cells, molecules, atoms, subatomic particles and even beyond.

They all, including everything in our environment, according to the most fundamental science of all, physics, are made of matter-energy or, being even more precise, of energy only that is expressed through different shapes and forms. These are perceived, superficially, by us, as mere material structures (E=m[c.sup.2], where E=Energy, M=mass, and C=speed of light.).

Living systems owe their survival to the necessary amount of energy that they receive from outside and produce internally. The synthesis of all of the chemical components in the body, the running of body chemistry itself as well as the sustainment of the entire homeostasis would be impossible without proper supplies of energy. Energy is defined by physics as the ability to do work and represents, therefore, the most basic and fundamental force in all living. Energy within the body, nevertheless, needs to be utilized or channeled in an efficient manner and that is why it has to be organized by information (signals, messages, patterns, etc.) in order to assure a proper pattern of conducting all of the homeostatic functions. Information is carried on markers (i.e. different molecules) via various channels (neural, circulatory pathways, transmembrane ion channels, etc.). Living systems have been established, also, to obey the laws of thermodynamics where the second law in particular postulates time and energy (deficiency) dependent propensity toward entropy–i.e., degree of disorder within a system. Increase in entropy interferes, inevitably, with information patterns that automatically lead toward undermining proper physiologic processes, i.e., order. This, also, affects processes and organs that are in charge of energy production itself which, in turn, triggers a proverbial vicious cycle as shortage of energy furthers rise in entropy and, hence, regression of information and order. There are many pernicious factors and the time-dependent natural aging process itself that may distort or weaken normal information patterns including DNA signals that promote a state of entropy. For now its clinical example can be embodied in a simple common cold where many distressful symptoms arise from a mere change in one of the many body variables, temperature, since its rise affects adversely information processes related to enzymatic functions. A similar degree of disorder due to rise in entropy, but in different forms and expressions exist in all chronic degenerative diseases on either systemic or subsystemic levels or, commonly, both.

Complexity is another important property of evolved living systems and is expressed in practically infinite connections between the numerous subsystems in the body. They can be illustrated with just an arbitrary example concerning proper physiology of thyroid hormones. It requires an involvement of numerous subsystems and their corresponding values and variables: hypothalamus, pituitary, thyroid gland, liver, kidney, adrenals, GI tract; also intact cell membranes and nuclear receptors on periphery of practically all organs and tissues. Each of these components in their turn depends on other subsystems and variables. Countless feedback loops and dynamic relationships exist between different organs, glands, tissues, enzymes and nutrients themselves. A disturbance, whether caused by adverse factors or even a therapy within one of these components, commonly causes a rippling effect throughout the entire system.

Living systems as quantum biological systems

While an enormous body of resources, bio-medical research and economic expenditures, continue being allocated within the prevailing medical paradigm based on molecular chemistry and related pharmaceuticals, drugs or natural substances, the overwhelming evidence from biophysical research throughout the world has convincingly demonstrated its cursory nature in relation to the most fundamental homeostatic forces that actually govern the body–atomic and molecular cellular fields.

The most basic units of the organism, cells, owe their very existence and functioning to the electromagnetic forces that prevent the collapse of all of their working structures, organelles and, also, assure their mutual coherence and interaction. DNA itself has been established to transmit information and regulate cellular chemistry via quanta of electromagnetic radiations–biophoton emissions.

Every organ and tissue is known to possess its own specific field-signature. Self-regulation, the most basic homeostatic function of our body, would have been an impossibility had it needed to integrate a gigantic number, 100,000 chemical reactions that take place every second across every cell in the body–without superfast, intelligent and instantly adapting mechanisms. Trillions, or even more, of such reactions total that take place every second throughout an organism, whether stress related, immune, hormonal or metabolic, and other functions, are all carried out collectively and coherently not through fairly slow, and random chemical reactions, per se, but via energetic signals, frequencies and fields that guide them at speeds approaching the speed of light.

Suffice to complete this section with the quote of the renowned American physicist and Nobel Laureate Professor Murray Gell-Mann that he made in relation to this issue: “The laws of elementary particle physics are valid, for all matter, throughout the universe, under all conditions. I know of no serious scientist who believes that there are special chemical forces that do not arise from underlying physical forces: Chemistry is the upshot of Elementary Particle Physics.”

Humans are diverse and dynamic systems

In spite of many general physiologic commonalities, humans are known to differ in genetic, physical and emotional makeup, dietary, occupational and lifestyle elements, strengths and weaknesses, medical history including therapeutic interventions and disease predispositions. In addition, by virtue of being open systems, subjects them not only to continuous acquisition of favorable, positive matter-energy inputs (good foods and water, light and favorable environmental factors) but, also, just as commonly, negative ones: harmful foods or medicinal substances (silver amalgams, side-effects of drugs or nutritional supplements, etc.), any treatment or procedure, environmental pollutants, EMFs, biological agents, unfavorable climate conditions, physical and emotional injuries.

These influences affect instantly or gradually, favorably or adversely, the proper energy and information flows within the system, i.e., its state, illustrating, thereby, another important property of living systems as being changeable or dynamic. These changes in information affect, over time, intrasystemic variables and values which, when measured with medical instrumentations, tests, are registered as deviations from the norm. One of the important properties of complexity of living systems consists in their ability to process incoming matter-energy inputs, information, in a non-linear fashion with a value of meaning being attached to it. This difference in meaning to different people is the main reason why a perceived benign or even harmful substance may produce a seemingly paradoxical effect on individuals depending upon their (dynamic) state at a given time.

For example, what most of us perceive as a beautiful flower emanating enjoyable fragrance may send some persons into a state of shock or even death, only because they had been intensely over-sensitized to it previously. Same has been known to happen when a person merely inhales an odor of allergic food no matter how healthy and nutritious it might be otherwise. On the other hand, an exposure to a certain dose of ionizing radiation or a dangerous carcinogenic chemical may even strengthen someone’s immunity through a strange phenomenon known in toxicology as hormesis.

Likewise, an exposure to even a minute dose of mercury from a single silver-mercury filling in someone who had already been severely intoxicated with it in the course of his prenatal life or gestational period may turn this person, and very rapidly, too, into a complete invalid. Someone else, on the contrary, might be able to compensate for it for long periods of time in the absence of this kind of pre-existing weakness and perhaps, also, due to genetically strong excretory organs that enable him to dispense with loads of mercury even from multiple fillings. The same holds true for countless examples, including the one with childhood vaccines where many children seem to benefit whereas others become destroyed.

This notion of meaning or hierarchy in significance of pathologic information in the makeup of a pathogenesis within an individual system has important diagnostic and therapeutic implications. It compels us to understand that there are no “good” or even “bad” treatments, per se, it is the individual meaning of their action that counts for a given system depending on its state at the time.

We have to accept as facts that what is considered to be a bad treatment by many readers of this publication, chemotherapy, has been life-saving for some and what is perceived to be a good holistic and natural treatment may be detrimental to others. As another, and tragic, example of the latter took place some years ago on Long Island in the office of a very capable MD, specializing in integrative medicine, an expert in Oriental medicine and EAV testing. A teenage girl died following a course of a supposedly good IV vitamin drip. The true issue behind these comparisons is not to bog down in the corresponding statistics, IV vitamins versus chemotherapy, but rather to emphasize the importance of a concept itself.

Relevant clinical implications

We have established that:

* Energy and information are the most fundamental governing forces in the proper maintenance of homeostatic mechanisms.

* They require accessible channels for their proper exchange.

* Every human carries his/her own individual state in health or disease which are the products of a complex and dynamic interplay between the variety of positive and negative matter-energy inputs including their genetic information. As a consequence, there are, strictly speaking, no fixed generic diseases that necessitate fixed treatments. There are only strictly individual and dynamic pathological states caused by specific negative matter-energy inputs that distort physiologic cellular fields causing, thereby, increase in entropy and disorder.

* Both diagnostic and therapeutic methods, to be truly effective, have to correspondingly provide and address the most pertinent information in relation to the meaning that it carries in terms of the key pathogenetic factors that bear a high degree of relevance in sustaining an individual disease state.

The practical diagnostic and therapeutic means to address all of these concepts will be covered in part 2 of this article.

by Savely Yurkovsky, MD

Correspondence: Savely Yurkovsky, MD 37 King Street Chappaqua, New York 10514 USA 914-861-9161 Fax: 914-861-9160 email: website:

About the Author

Dr. Yurkovsky is an author and teacher with extensive background in the thorough study of scientific principles behind the numerous alternative and conventional approaches. Having realized that the primary source of health and disease, according to physics, stem from the corresponding cellular energy fields, he adopted a new revolutionary medical model, one that interfaces the theories of biology and physics, established by his mentor, Professor Emeritus William A. Tiller, PhD of Stanford University.

This has led him to transform the often vague nature of medical specialties from “hit and miss” paradigms into a far more effective, exact and predictable science. Dr. Yurkovsky has, also, founded his own teaching institution, “SYY Integrated Health Systems, Ltd.,” which is dedicated to sharing his medical system under the concept of FCT–Field Control Therapy.[R] Since 1999, he has taught this curriculum to medical doctors and licensed health care professionals with special emphasis on energy-based diagnostic and therapeutic modalities aimed particularly at toxicological, biological or nuclear agents. These, as a rule, elude conventional diagnostic methods, yet represent the primary source of all chronic diseases. His book, Biological, Chemical, and Nuclear Warfare–Protecting Yourself and Your Loved Ones: The Power of Digital Medicine is an excellent illustration of both the scientific basis and effective practical means to combat ravages of acute and chronic diseases in our toxic world.

At the present time he is authoring a textbook concerning scientific principles for the practice of integrative medicine: “A Textbook of New Medicine.”

For information concerning his training curriculum and hands-on teaching events, contact SYY Integrated Health Systems, Ltd., web site:, e-mail:

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